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Russians living in Turkey note rapidly rising prices

The cost of the minimum set of products in Turkey, necessary for a family of 4 people, amounted to 20 thousand liras in March (about 60 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate. – Ed.). Over the past month alone, the “grocery basket” has increased in price by 5.9%. Such data is provided by the Turkish confederation KAMU-AR, which also specializes in collecting relevant statistics.

The TG channel “Roof of TurDoma” invited its subscribers from among those living in Turkey to share information: how food prices have recently risen, food in cafes and restaurants, public transport, etc. “Beef now from 500 liras per kg (1500 rubles), meat, fish, eggs have become simply a luxury. Perhaps the only thing that is relatively cheap are vegetables and fruits, tomatoes, for example, from 20 liras per kg (60 rubles)”, “A bag of Mehmet Efendi coffee in 2020 cost 5 liras, 2 years ago – 16 liras, then – 19, now – 39.5 liras (120 rubles)”, “In 2021 I bought shawarma in Belek – 10 liras, now in the same place – 100 liras (300 rubles)”, “Bus travel in Alanya last summer – 11 liras, after a month and a half – already 18 liras, transfer to the airport went up from 350 to 450 liras (1350 rubles)”, “Medicines in pharmacies have doubled in price,” they write in the comments. “Life is getting more expensive everywhere, but Turkey is simply breaking records for food and housing prices,” one subscriber shares his observations.

When booking tours to Turkey, tourists mostly choose an all-inclusive holiday. However, outside the hotel, when going on excursions or to the nearest city, many visit cafes and restaurants. Such visits can now cost a pretty penny. In a discussion of the topic in our tg channel, they cite a bill from a street cafe for a modest snack: a sandwich and a bottle of soft drink – 500 liras (1,500 rubles). “Literally every couple of weeks the cost of food increases. Last October we bought lula kebab in a cafe for 80 liras per serving, now it’s already 200 liras (600 rubles),” writes our follower.

We wrote earlier that expats, including Russians, began to leave Turkey en masse. Some return to their homeland, others choose other countries to live. The reason is not only the rapidly growing cost of living due to inflation, but also the difficulties in obtaining or renewing a residence permit. The Turkish authorities recently promised to simplify the procedure for obtaining a tourist residence permit, but nothing is yet known about practical steps in this direction.

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