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Russians stuck in Egypt due to closed European skies for Turkish airline

Passengers on flight SM-903 were unable to fly from Sharm el-Sheikh to Moscow on Friday. The reason for this situation is the closure of EU skies for Southwind, which temporarily operates the Air Cairo charter program.

As the tourists themselves told the editors, the PIC announced a ban on their flight. “We sat on the plane for an hour, the commander had already announced that we would take off. We stood there, but after 10 minutes he said that our flight was not allowed to fly due to the political situation.” After two hours spent in the cabin, people were returned to the airport, their luggage was handed over, Canceled stamps were put on their passports and taken to hotels. It is still unknown when the Russians will go home; it will take time to agree on a new route.

Flights under the code SM are currently operated by Southwind Airlines for Russian tour operators. At the same time, today it has become knownthat the Finnish transport authority Traficom did not grant the airline permission to fly from Antalya to Helsinki. Finnish authorities believe that the carrier is actually controlled by Russia, which means that European sanctions should apply to it as well. Finland’s decision was also supported first by Germany and Greece, and then by the rest of the European Union. Now the airline’s planes flying to/from Turkey to Russia are forced to fly over the western part of the Black Sea.

It is likely that the restrictions will not affect flights from Russia to Turkey in any way. But the program to Egypt in the near future will most likely be structured so that Southwind does not cross European airspace. Perhaps this will increase the flight duration.

Source: Tourdom



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