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Russians without a residence permit in Turkey ask DenizBank not to close their accounts

Russians who have opened a plastic card in the Turkish DenizBank continue to worry about issues related to the confirmation of personal data – one after another they receive letters from a credit institution about the need to provide a residence permit. Among the clients there are many tourists who do not have this document. And they themselves are not in Turkey.

There are mailings, but, as practice shows, not everyone received the letters. It is also unclear on what criteria the sample was made. It is unknown what will happen to those who do not provide documents for the right to reside in the country. Some of the clients, fearing that their accounts will be frozen, write response letters asking them not to stop the service: “I confessed my love for the bank and replied that I actively use the card. I sent them my address in Russia and asked them not to block or limit my account. Let’s see what happens”.

Such letters are not isolated. Not only those clients who have nothing to provide are worried, but also residence permit holders who have not received a letter about data reconciliation. They fear that their forced silence may be taken as a negative answer.

At the same time, DenizBank itself hastens to assure in official comments that it has not received notifications about the ban on working with Russian citizens. In that they assure his official representatives. Opening a bank account by Russian citizens is supposedly still possible. This requires a residence permit and a non-withdrawable deposit.

Some of those who received the “letter of happiness” have already personally visited the bank’s office, where they also heard encouraging words: “The employee said that there are more than 4 thousand accounts of Russians in their branch, and this is just a reconciliation to find out how many actually remain. He assures that the accounts will not be closed even for those who left Turkey if they have more than $25 on them.”

Not everyone ultimately believes the statements of bank representatives. Clients with extensive experience remind that nothing like this has ever happened before: “I have been a client of DenizBank for 12 years. I never received any “updates” of the address. I think the employees themselves don’t know why they are doing this. They were simply told to do it, no one explained anything. It’s good if they’re just trying to weed out those who opened an account and don’t use it.”

Let us note that in other Turkish banks, judging by the general sentiments of clients on social networks and media reports, nothing similar has been noticed. These days, only one credit organization is actively involved in reconciling the residence permits of its foreign clients.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that DenizBank is asking Russians who opened their cards for Turkish registration, which they did not have and do not have.

Source: Tourdom



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