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S7 began selling tickets from other airlines on its website, but Aeroflot is against it

In the telegram channel “Well, people, let’s go,” they drew attention to the fact that on the S7 Airlines website you can buy tickets for flights of other airlines. Moreover, for flights with other carriers, S7 promises to award S7 Priority miles. In addition, it will be possible to make a single booking with flights from two companies (for example, a ticket Moscow – Irkutsk – Hanoi, where the first segment is operated by S7, and the second by IrAero. You will have to register for both segments separately, luggage will need to be collected and returned to transfer airport (there is a note about this on the website).


It’s interesting that the search also came up with offers from “Aeroflot” and “Russia”, but later they suddenly disappeared from the search results. At the time of writing, when searching for directions, a notification appears that says “something went wrong.”


The editors of TourDom.ru sent a request to S7 airlines, but have not yet received a response. The IrAero press service reported that the initiative and decision came entirely from S7, and their approval “was not required.” According to aviation expert Alexander Mishin, this is a completely normal practice and S7 really does not have any kind of collaboration with other airlines. The expert is confident that this process works on the principle of online travel agencies, and flights are pulled from the booking system.

According to Mishin, there may be two reasons for this. First, it is testing the possibility of combined transport, so that it is possible to get to your destination (and back if necessary) using several airlines, if this is more convenient. Secondly, along with the convenience for passengers in choosing an airline, traffic to the website increases and people’s time of contact with the brand increases, and, accordingly, loyalty increases.

“Most likely, priority on the site will still be given to your tickets. I don’t think that S7 is determined to make money from the sale of tickets of other airlines, but there is probably some kind of commission that they receive,” the expert suggested.

The head of the PCT startup commission, Leonid Pustov, believes that this is an innovative practice for the airline, in which it begins to move towards a full-fledged online agency, a kind of marketplace.

“This is a fairly progressive approach and it will be beneficial because the company can stimulate sales of its flights among others. For example, it may offer increased cashback, it may show its flights higher than other options. This allows the company to retain the client. Completely open competition,” noted Leonid Pustov.

However, the example of Aeroflot’s suddenly missing tickets shows that creating a full-fledged trading platform can be a difficult task. According to observers, it was the national carrier who opposed sales on someone else’s website. This is not the first precedent in the practice of aggregators. Four years ago, Aeroflot and Pobeda stopped selling their tickets on the Aviasales search engine.

We previously wrote about changes in Aeroflot’s loyalty program – in November last year the national carrier became change regular qualifying miles.

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