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Sakura blossomed in Sochi, Crimea and Kaliningrad to the delight of tourists

Those who are partial to cherry blossoms do not have to go to the sacred Mount Fuji, especially since getting to Japan now – in the absence of direct flights from Russia – is difficult and expensive. Japanese cherry blossoms can be seen in Sochi, Crimea, Krasnodar, Kaliningrad, Moscow, and other places. For example, as the subscribers of our telegram channel clarified “Roof of the TourDom”, on Sakhalin and in the Khabarovsk Territory. But Sochi has an important advantage: the beauty here will last almost a month – some types and varieties of sakura will bloom only in May.

The largest sakura alley on the Crimean peninsula is located in the Japanese Garden of the Mriya Resort & SPA. Prepared for the event. For example, on April 13 there will be a musical picnic “White Sakura”. They promise live music, including ethnic music, theatrical performances, and various master classes. They will serve you cakes and tea. The ticket will cost 1600 rubles. for an adult and 800 rubles. to kid.

And from April 26 to 28, the Cherry Blossoming Festival will take place. Here the program is even more intense, and it will be dedicated, not surprisingly, to the culture and various spiritual (and material) practices of the East. Tourists will be taught how to brew tea in various ways, will be helped to master Chinese calligraphy, will be introduced to traditional Chinese and Japanese games, etc. Perhaps they will even be able to feel like Basho – to practice composing haiku and tanka.

However, as subscribers of “Roofs of TourDom” write, you don’t have to go to Yalta to enjoy the flowers. “The whole of Crimea is in cherry blossoms. Sakura is a beautiful name for all flowering plants. And I am very surprised that only “Mriya” makes this an event – a festival. In Sevastopol, on October Revolution Avenue, there is simply a riot of different types of sakura, that is, plums and finely serrated cherries,” our reader shares.

You can also admire the blossoming of Japanese cherry trees in Sochi, where the largest collection of sakura in Russia is collected in the Arboretum Park – 12 species and 22 varieties. Thanks to this diversity, the beauty continues until the end of May, when the last varieties fade. The pleasure is inexpensive – an entrance ticket to the arboretum costs 320 rubles. adult and 170 rub. children’s Children under 7 years old can enter the territory for free. The flow of tourists is expected to be large, and park specialists strongly warn: you should only walk along the paths. Last year, one example of the cherry blossom collection was lost due to visitors trampling the soil.

Crowds of visitors are now in the Japanese Garden in Galitsky Park in Krasnodar – various types of cherries and plums have already bloomed here, including sakura. Tourists complain that it is not easy to get into the garden – they say there are too many locals. “If you don’t come early in the morning, you can stand there for 4–5 hours,” one of the visitors shares on social networks. You can enter the territory for free, but to do this you need to get a special QR code. There is a queue near the so-called codemat: no more than 200 visitors can be in the garden at a time.

However, it is not necessary to go to the Japanese Garden – tourists share fascinating shots of the Nigra plum tree, which bloomed in Galitsky Park. It is almost indistinguishable from sakura – the same beauty in pink. According to some reports, the Plum Grove has already surpassed the Japanese Garden in popularity.

The cherry blossom season has also begun in western Russia – in Kaliningrad, on the territory of the Museum of the World Ocean. Moreover, here you can admire the pink flowers against an unusual background: Japanese cherries stand on the embankment of the Historical Fleet, against the backdrop of the scientific vessels “Vityaz” and “Cosmonaut Patsaev”, a submarine, as well as anchors, boats, bathyscaphes and other elements of maritime infrastructure. For lovers of walks, from April 1, the entrance to the museum territory was extended by an hour – until 21:00. You can get to the embankment for free.

In addition, sakura grow in one of the alleys of the Kant IKBFU botanical garden. You can visit the arboretum for 150 rubles. for an adult and for 70 rubles. schoolboy. Excursions are also offered, during which tourists will be introduced, of course, not only to sakura, but also to numerous species of plants, including exotic ones – for example, ginkgo biloba, which is the same age as dinosaurs. The cost of the excursion is 300 rubles.

There are cherry blossoms in Moscow, in the Main Botanical Garden named after Tsitsin. True, it is still cool in the capital. “We expect that they will bloom towards the end of April, and then the Japanese Garden, where we grow Japanese cherries, will open. But everything depends on the weather,” the botanical garden explained to a TourDom.ru correspondent.

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