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Serbia 2024: there were not enough places for tourists in Belgrade

In Belgrade last week, hotels and guest houses were completely sold out; some tourists, in search of free places, traveled to the city of Novi Sad, which is a hundred kilometers from the capital. The reason for the influx of guests is the concerts of the Rammstein group on May 24–25, which attracted thousands of music lovers from different countries, including Russia. On the eve of the summer season, the editors have summarized some of the features of entering Serbia.

Serbia – a window to Europe

Russians do not need a visa to Serbia when traveling for up to 30 days. Rules Border crossings for tourists are extremely simple: present a passport valid for 3 months after leaving the country. On the government portal for foreigners remind about the need to have at least 50 euros per day when traveling and recommend taking out medical insurance with coverage of 20 thousand euros.

Every foreigner is required to register within 24 hours at the place of stay. In hotels, this is done automatically upon check-in, but when renting housing, it is better to remind the owner of the desire to receive the appropriate document.

A Muscovite who recently arrived in Belgrade told TourDom that border guards are loyal to Russians. They quickly stamp your passport and wish you a good trip. Although they have the right to look at a return ticket, availability of a hotel reservation or a tour package voucher. According to him, in one hotel they convinced him that it was “technically impossible” to print out the registration paper, and in two others they did it without any problems.

From Russia to Serbia – on direct flights

Tourists have the opportunity to get to Belgrade on direct Air Serbia flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Kazan. Basically, routes from the capital and regions are built with connections in third countries.

The fastest flight from Sheremetyevo to Belgrade by a Serbian air carrier is only 3 hours in the air. The cost of the chair is from 113 thousand rubles. and 6.2 thousand rubles. for luggage, for example, with departure on July 6 and return on the 20th. And when choosing a route with 1–2 transfers, the price of one round-trip seat starts from 70 thousand rubles.

On the Pulkovo – Belgrade airline, in particular, a round trip on June 15–29 on board Air Serbia will cost 169.2 thousand rubles, and another 4.3 thousand rubles were asked for luggage. The journey also takes about 3 hours. Alternative routes from St. Petersburg for these dates – from 85.5 thousand rubles. with hand luggage, subject to 2-3 transfers and changing airlines.

You can fly from Samara to Belgrade, for example, via Istanbul. The cost of round-trip tickets for July 7–21 is from 80 thousand rubles. plus additional payment for luggage 14.2 thousand rubles. A Red Wings airline flight will take you to Turkey, and there will be a new check-in for the Air Serbia airliner to the capital of Serbia. Planned travel time: 15.5 hours there and 11.5 hours for returning home.

UnionPay cards in Serbia

Tourists can pay for goods and services in Serbia with UnionPay cards from non-sanctioned Russian banks. Social networks reported that in most places in Belgrade, non-cash payments were made using plastic from Gazprombank, Primsotsbank, Asia-Pacific Bank and Rosselkhozbank. Moreover, the latter’s card had a successful transaction experience through the Huawei Pay mobile application on a smartphone.

Cash payments in the country are accepted in Serbian dinars. The public shared that in May they managed to withdraw 200 thousand dinars from an NLB Banka ATM three times in a row using the GPB Gold card – the rate was 0.9 rubles. with the official quotation 1:0.84. After this, the ATM refused to issue cash, and it was not possible to continue withdrawing money from a nearby ATM.

In Belgrade and other tourist destinations, most common currencies are accepted at exchange offices. As our compatriot, who recently arrived in Serbia, told the editor, the exchange rates are close to the official ones. He received 117 dinars per euro at a quote of 1:117.14. There were no additional fees, nor was it necessary to present a passport. And note: hotels are often ready to accept payment in euros.

Earlier, TurDom wrote that Air Serbia increases number of flights to Russia in the summer schedule: only on the Belgrade – Moscow route up to 19 flights per week.

Source: Tourdom



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