Grenade, former capital of the Nasrid kingdom, is one of the best-known cities in Spain. He cultural, architectural and historical legacy is enviable and much of it materializes in the famous Alhambra. Beyond this famous monument there are several free museums that allow you to discover other aspects of the city, learn more about Granada culture and the artists who have lived there.

Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

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Free entry for EU citizens

The following museums are from free entry for citizens of the European Unionif this is not the case, the price is 1.50 euros.

Museum of Fine Arts of Granada. This art gallery is the most important in Granada and is located on the first floor of the Palace of Carlos V. It houses more than 2,000 works, with pieces of flamenco influence, contemporary paintings and references by artists such as Alonso Cano, Pedro Machuca or Juan Ramírez.

Granada Shooting House. This newspaper archive occupies a 16th century building and receives its name from the cannons that appear between its battlements. The Casa de los Tirso is located in the Realejo neighborhood and hosts temporary exhibitions, but it is the building itself and its contents that draw the most attention.

Archaeological Museum of Granada. This space allows you to learn about the history of the societies that inhabited the province of Granada prior to the year 1492. This museum is located in the Albaicín neighborhood, in a palace-house built for the Lord of Castril, a descendant of Don Hernando de Zafra, secretary of the Catholic Monarchs.

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Free entry for all

The entrance to the following museums is free for all visitors.

Ethnographic Museum of Gypsy Women. The roots of the gypsy people in the land of Granada are thick and deep and this museum makes them known, placing special emphasis on the role of the gypsy woman. It is located in the Sacramonte neighborhood.

Jose Guerrero Center. Near the Cathedral Museums and the Royal Chapel is this space dedicated to this outstanding Granada painter from the second half of the 20th century.

European Women’s Center “Mariana de Pineda”. This cultural space is located in the La Magdalena neighborhood, which was the scene of clandestine meetings during the repressive regime of Fernando VII. It was the last residence of Mariana Pineda, opponent of the absolutist government of King Fernando VII and martyr. Here we can learn more about this heroine from Granada.

Carmen de los Geranios – Max Moreau Cultural Center. This cultural space is located in the heart of the Albaicín, in a house that preserves its Islamic plot. In addition to its architectural appeal, it is a monographic center of the Belgian artist Max Moreu.

Atlantic Museum of Lanzarote.

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