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Sex on the beach in Pattaya: punishment for the couple and the content distributor

Since last week, social networks dedicated to Thailand have been discussing a viral video from the beach in Pattaya. It showed what was supposedly a foreign couple having sex late at night. Khaosod published warning tourist police about punishment for distributing such content. Among those who posted the video are Russian tourists.

Law enforcement officials visited Jomtien Beach near the water sports center where everything happened. The first police conclusion is that about two months have passed since the shooting. Therefore, it is almost impossible to establish who violated Thai law.

According to local laws, for indecent acts in public, including not only sexual acts, but also simply nudity, a fine of up to 5 thousand baht (about 12.7 thousand rubles) can be issued. Unwitting witnesses are only advised to report this to the police.

Dissemination of inappropriate images on the Internet carries more severe penalties, equivalent to computer crimes. Fine – up to 100 thousand baht (253.5 thousand rubles) or imprisonment for up to 5 years; in some cases, the court may apply both penalties.

Information about cases of sex in public places in Pattaya appears frequently. Beach areas are a favorite vacation spot for both city residents and foreign guests who stay up late. Usually the police are loyal to the fact that people have dinner and drink alcohol there.

Earlier, TurDom wrote that in Indonesia, in 2024, legislation was updated and it was prohibited to post information that violates decency on the Internet and in the media. Legal proceedings are envisaged for many things: from nudity to criticism of the country, communities and even individuals.

Source: Tourdom



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