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Sochi Airport began sending “yesterday’s” flights

At night, flights departing for alternate airfields began arriving at Sochi airport. The press service reported that by 10 a.m. 29 airliners had already returned to Adler. The remaining 9 planes will land soon.

According to the online scoreboard, almost all flights departing from Sochi are experiencing delays – many were postponed from February 5 to 6 and are a day behind schedule.

As of 11 o’clock departure from Adler expect about 1200 passengers: 700 of them are in the clean area of ​​the airport, 500 in the general area. Over the past two days, airlines have provided passengers with water and hot meals. Nonresident clients were accommodated in hotels in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations, the airport press service reported.

But there are still positive dynamics: today, starting from midnight, many of “yesterday’s” flights finally carried passengers along their designated routes. Several Aeroflot aircraft, whose flights were postponed from February 5, were sent to Moscow at once, as well as Pobeda, S7, iFly, and Utair aircraft.


Four Rossiya airliners, Pobeda and Red Wings flights, which were supposed to follow the routes yesterday, flew to the Northern capital.

Planes from IrAero and Rossiya airlines headed to Istanbul. Clients of Aeroflot and Pobeda departed for Kazan, and clients of Aeroflot and Ural Airlines departed for Yekaterinburg. All these flights were scheduled for the 5th.

So far, “yesterday’s” flights S7 to Moscow (announced for February 5 at 18:10), Icarus to Novosibirsk (February 5 at 19:55), Aeroflot to Perm (23:30) have not yet left Sochi.

Today’s flights are carried out with fewer deviations. The disruption in the schedule is gradually being corrected.

In particular, the Red Wing plane will take tourists to Hurghada 10 hours late: at 15:15 instead of 05:30 according to the schedule.

Pobeda passengers will depart for Moscow with an 8-hour delay: departure is expected at 15:50. The Icarus flight to Antalya has been delayed by 5 hours: now on the online board it is listed at 12:00 instead of 07:00.

Starting from 13:00, some planes will begin to leave Adler already in accordance with the appointed time, according to the schedule. For example, the S7 departure to Novosibirsk is expected at 13:10, Aeroflot to Moscow at 14:10.

Currently in Sochi restore railway communication on the Dagomys – Loo section, delayed due to a landslide. The work did not stop all night, and now the path from the sea has been cleared. Train traffic on this stretch is not yet open; passengers are transported by buses.

A storm warning remains in effect throughout the day in Sochi. According to weather forecasts, the rain will resume in the near future.

Source: Tourdom



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