Although there are still a few months until the good weather arrives in Spain, many are already planning their next Summer Vacation, which are one of the most anticipated days of the year for the vast majority. The fact of choosing one destination or another can be crucial to have a unforgetable experience in a good or bad way, which is why it is essential to get the place you are going to travel right.

Preferences when traveling in summer can be very varied: beach, mountains, cultural visits… although what most agree on is avoiding the more crowded destinations. To achieve this, you can look for places that are not so touristy, but that are actually true hidden gems full of wonders and where you can enjoy an incredible vacation.

Australia is one of the most desired destinations: Mount Cradle in Tasmania.

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Although in recent years it has been establishing itself as a tourist destination to take into account, many are still unaware of the wonders that can be found in Albania. Their White sand beaches and crystal-clear water are reminiscent of those of the Caribbean, although the incredible landscapes of the Balkan country do not end there: its natural beauty extends to its steep mountains, the Prokletije Mountains, a true paradise for lovers of hiking trails and natural landscapes.


Sand beach beneath the colorful old town Menton on French Riviera, France

Who has not dreamed of walking through the streets of the Amalfi Coast? The Italian region is one of the best-known in the transalpine country, although in summer it becomes overcrowded to unusual levels. Therefore, a great option is to visit the town of Menton, located in the Blue Coast, which is just as spectacular and tourists do not take up all the spaces. Beautiful beaches and colorful houses make up this incredible town full of vegetation which gives this villa incredible colors.


Baleal Island
Baleal Island

Just three hours by car from Spain is a true paradise for surfers. The small island of Baleal is linked to the Iberian Peninsula by a sand tombolo that connects it with the beautiful town of Peniche, although the most obvious reason to spend your summer holidays here are its eternal beaches bathed by the Atlantic. In addition to being perfect for spending a few days completely away from the hustle and bustle, they are also one of the best for riding some waves.


Olbia, Sardinia
Olbia, Sardinia

There are destinations that little by little are beginning to be discovered by tourists, such as case of Olbia, a beautiful coastal town in the northeast of Sardinia. This fishing town increased its Google searches up 340% last year, and in 2024 it is the best in terms of quality-price ratio. Streets full of vivid colors, quiet walks along the nearby beaches and picturesque landscapes This is what this incredible town offers that will be one of the protagonists of this year.

Olbia, Sardinia

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View of Ragusa (Ragusa Ibla), UNESCO heritage city in Sicily.
View of Ragusa, UNESCO heritage city in Sicily.

The other large Italian island, Sicily, It is also full of extraordinary enclaves, although few can compare to the spectacularity of Ragusa. Located in the middle Val di Noto, this World Heritage It is the perfect destination for lovers of culture and history, as its origins date back more than four millennia. Imposing buildings surrounded by equally impressive landscapes characterize this impressive city.

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