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Some tourists from the regions postponed trips to Moscow after the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall

Due to the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall, some tours to the capital from nearby regions were canceled, others were postponed to later dates, and the demand for trips to the capital decreased. Tour operators in a number of regions of the Central Federal District reported this to the editors of TourDom.ru.

“Yes, demand has fallen, obviously due to the tragic events in the capital. We organize group tours – the trip depends on the number of applications. So, there is no one in the near future,” said the company “Emperor Tour” from Bryansk. The Ryazan travel agency Gulliver, which also sells products from the tour operator Center-Tour, confirmed that there are no new requests for travel to the capital. “But one group will go to Moscow this coming weekend, there is only one cancellation. Ryazan is a city of paratroopers, we cannot be intimidated,” noted a representative of the travel agency.

The tour operator “Volkhva” from Veliky Novgorod was supposed to send a group of tourists to Moscow last weekend, but for obvious reasons the trip did not take place. “We postponed it to the end of April. But tourists reacted differently: about half of the bus refused to go to the capital,” the company said.

During the spring holidays, the NizhegorodInTour company organized train trips for schoolchildren to visit the Russia exhibition, which takes place at VDNKh. A total of 4 groups were formed, 2 of them, as it turned out, would not go to the capital. “Parents are nervous and worried, and besides, there were orders from school directors not to send their children,” explained the Nizhny Novgorod company. The Intourist company also reported that some trips of children’s groups to Moscow were postponed to a later time.

Data from cloud services for hotels also indicate a decrease in interest in traveling to the capital. “Today there is a decline in occupancy for the coming weekend. But these dates have not yet arrived; perhaps the facilities will be loaded,” the Bnovo company said. This coming Sunday, according to the service, 40.7% of rooms are still occupied.

At the same time, last weekend, as we already wrote, tour operators did not record any mass cancellations of tours. “There are cancellations, but they are isolated. No more than two or three groups withdrew from service in Moscow and St. Petersburg. And in several groups the number decreased by 4-6 people,” Oksana Lebedeva, executive director of the Tari Tour St. Petersburg company, told TourDom.ru. At the same time, the tour operator had to adjust the programs – mainly due to the restrictions introduced on the day of all-Russian mourning: “We swapped the days so that tourists got to those museums that were confirmed by us, and only a few groups were given a replacement for one display object another”.

Source: Tourdom



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