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Southwind flight Moscow – Antalya delayed by 13 hours

The departure of flight 2S 1002 of Southwind airlines, which was supposed to depart from the capital Sheremetyevo to Turkish Antalya at 01:10, is postponed until 14:30. This information is indicated on the airport board. The delay is 13 hours.

As Anna Podgornaya, general director of the tour operator Pegas, the customer of the flight program, explained to the TourDom.ru portal, the delay is due to the late arrival of the plane from Antalya. Passengers awaiting departure are provided with all services in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations.

Judging by the data in the Antalya Airport schedule, yesterday’s flight Southwind 2S 1001 from Turkey to Moscow was supposed to depart at 19:00 and arrive at Sheremetyevo at 23:30. The new arrival time of the A330-200 airliner is today, at 13:25.


Passengers will travel from Moscow to Turkey on this board.

We previously wrote that on the night of February 12-13, Antalya Airport temporarily suspended operations due to weather conditions – there was a flood at the Turkish resort. In the morning the planes took off, but behind schedule.

Source: Tourdom



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