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Spain 2024: tourists flock to beaches and excursions around the country

Tourists who want to quickly receive a Spanish Schengen visa are advised to actively monitor the online registration system for submitting documents; slots for the first half of June have already been posted. The editors have compiled a brief reminder about the features of the trip and flights to Spain, as well as the use of the Huawei Pay application for paying and withdrawing cash at ATMs with UnionPay cards.

Schengen to Spain

Russians continue to choose the Pyrenees for holidays in the Mediterranean and sightseeing tours. A tourist visa to Spain allows you to stay in the country for up to 90 days within six months. Consulates Most often, applicants are given one-time entry permits, but there are also chances for multi-Schengen visas. From June 11, Schengen for tourists costs 90 euros, and for children 6–12 years old – 2 times less, as was officially announced on May 22.

Documents for a visa to Spain can only be submitted by appointment at visa centers located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and several other regions. Conveniently, on the VC website described all conditions, and the application form contains tips in Russian. Services, of course, are paid.

The list of documents is standard for EU countries: a passport with a validity period of at least 3 months after leaving the EU, return tickets, hotel reservation or travel voucher, medical insurance. Applicants, except children under 12 years of age, take biometrics. You also need a certificate from work indicating your salary or other confirmation of the availability of money for the trip, for example, an account statement on bank letterhead about the movement of money for the last 3 months.

The standard period for consideration of an application is up to 15 calendar days, but recently decisions on issuing a consulate visa have been delayed for up to 45 days, which, however, is also provided for in the rules.

Flights to Spain: faster – more expensive

Most often, tourists choose the resorts of Catalonia and Valencia, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, as well as excursion tours around the country. There are dozens of air routes from Russia to Spain with transfers in different hubs.

Pegasus Airlines flies on the Moscow – Barcelona route with a connection in Istanbul. On the booking website, for example, with a departure on July 14 and return on the 28th, the cost of one seat was from 115 thousand rubles. with luggage. Travel time is about 11 hours. For the same dates there are tickets from 72 thousand rubles. also with luggage on Air Arabia Abu Dhabi planes, but the journey will take 25 hours there and 21 hours back. Flight from Domodedovo via Abu Dhabi to Barcelona, ​​and on return landing at Moscow Sheremetyevo.

From Moscow to Valencia the cost of a flight is from 82.5 thousand rubles. without luggage with two transfers, in particular, on July 13 and back after 2 weeks on a combined route. The first stage is on the FlyOne Armenia plane Domodedovo – Yerevan. At the second stage in Armenia – self-check-in for flights of the air carrier Wizz Air Malta to Valencia with a connection in Rome. When returning, everything is the same, only the arrival will be in Vnukovo. The entire journey is planned to take 19.5 hours there and 2 hours more back. On these same days, the fastest way to fly on the wings of Turkish Airlines is through Istanbul – in just over 9 hours, but for this you will have to pay 225 thousand rubles. including luggage.

On an air route between the capitals of two countries, there is also a choice between comfort and travel time. With a departure on July 13 and return on the 27th, the best offer is from Air Serbia Sheremetyevo – Belgrade – Madrid: in just 7.5 hours with the cost of one round-trip seat starting from 127 thousand rubles, additionally for luggage – another 6.6 thousand roubles. For 80–90 thousand rubles. It is possible to select routes with a couple of connections and spend more than a day on the road.

Huawei Pay to the rescue

Russian UnionPay cards are still in use in Spain. Judging by the responses of tourists on social networks, most often plastic from Gazprombank was used for non-cash payments for goods and services, and there were very few mentions of Rosselkhozbank. A prerequisite is the presence of the Huawei Pay application in the smartphone for contactless payments and a POS terminal at the seller.

It is also possible to withdraw cash from ATMs that support this technology. To do this, just bring your Huawei and Honor phone or smartwatch to the ATM NFC module. Among the tips is to look for Banco Sabadell, where you can cash out up to 600 euros without commission. The same maximum is provided in Santander and Deutsche Bank: the first charged 7 euros per transaction, the second – 4 euros. ATMs with NFC withdrawals are available at ING bank and Targobank, in Euro Automatic Cash ATM.

If a tourist does not have Huawei Pay, the chat recommended using a UnionPay card from Gazprombank to look for Banca March and Deutsche Bank ATMs, which have a limit of 190 euros per day with a commission of 4 euros. In Madrid, up to 600 euros were received at a time from Openbank.

In tourist places you can find classic exchangers with a commission of up to 10%, and private traders also offer services on social networks with the exchange of non-cash rubles for euros.

Earlier, TourDom wrote that the paid mobile biometrics service had been resumed: an employee of the Spanish CC comes to the tourist’s home with special equipment. At the same time, they will accept the visa application and the prepared package of documents.

Source: Tourdom



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