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St. Petersburg named the most romantic city in Russia

Telegram channel subscribers “Roof of the TourDom” shared their opinion about whether they celebrate Valentine’s Day and which Russian city seems the most romantic to them. In the first survey, readers were mainly divided into two camps, but not opposing ones. 31% of subscribers do not celebrate Valentine’s Day because it is a foreign holiday, and 24% believe that their loved ones should be pleased every day, and not on specific ones. This option even caused a slight controversy in the comments – some did not understand why the desire to “make happy every day” should not coincide with a holiday.

“We can draw parallels with New Year or Christmas. Why, for example, should families get together especially these days, cook delicious dishes and give each other gifts, if you can get together every day, drink champagne, and give gifts? – one of the readers sneers.

“We don’t celebrate Christmas, thanks for the day off. February 14 was interesting at school. Actually, on March 8, I am certainly glad to have flowers, but we won’t book a restaurant separately on this day… Restaurant, flowers, champagne with strawberries (or whatever you like), some gifts can be on any day or any weekend,” the subscriber answered him.


15% of readers admitted that they have no one to celebrate with, and only 13% annually congratulate their soulmate on this day.

Subscribers awarded the title of the most romantic city in Russia to St. Petersburg by a wide margin – it earned 49% of the votes. The top three also included Sochi (12%) and Kaliningrad (11%). Some readers were surprised by such a strong advantage for St. Petersburg, since the weather there is not always good. In addition, Sochi is a resort city, and Kaliningrad also has quick access to cities with beaches.

“Everything about St. Petersburg is simple… You come to the city, you are a tourist, you walk on foot, you go to restaurants, you ride along the canals, you go to the theater and see some jazz, you stay in a beautiful room – romance, 100%,” explained the subscriber.

And another reader explained the leadership of St. Petersburg with a positive impression of the time of year – many come in late spring and summer, when the city has many interesting events and relatively good weather:

“Most people come to St. Petersburg in the summer, on vacation – here is May 9, and Scarlet Sails, and the parade on Navy Day. And when it’s winter, few people come.”


In the comments, readers also provided a large geography of romantic cities – from Suzdal to Norilsk.

“Romantic for me is definitely not a city! But the beach and palm trees, yes,” concluded one of the subscribers.

Source: Tourdom



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