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St. Petersburg will become more popular than Sochi in summer

The MTS Travel service analyzed which cities are most actively booking hotels and apartments for the summer. St. Petersburg came in first place – 12% of resource users plan to go there. Moscow received silver and 8% of tourists. Sochi took only third place, 7% will go there. Also in the top 10 were Kazan, Kaliningrad, Anapa, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladivostok, Rostov-on-Don and Gelendzhik.

Representatives of the service noted that the planning horizon has increased – Russians rent housing on average 3 months before their arrival date. This is 15 days earlier than last year.

MTS Travel did not name the reasons why the capitals were ahead of Sochi in terms of the number of bookings. Obviously, this is due to the fact that business tourism is developed in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Russians often travel there on business and stay for a few days rather than spend a vacation in the cities.

Both capitals in Russia can also be called centers of cultural tourism. Many people come with children during the holidays to see local attractions. The statistics may also be influenced by the fact that most Russians travel to these cities on their own, and when visiting resorts, many prefer to buy a tour or book a hotel with a tour operator.

In addition, Moscow and St. Petersburg have become transport hubs for tourists going to resorts. For example, from Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo, flights to Sochi depart every hour. Tourists with long connections can stay overnight in local hotels and book them for short breaks.

It is also worth noting the number of offers. There are more of them in St. Petersburg and Moscow than in Sochi.

Source: Tourdom



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