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Storm in Sochi: ski slopes are closed, planes are leaving for alternate airfields

Due to heavy snowfall and an active thunderstorm front, the slopes and cable cars in the Sochi ski cluster are practically not working today. In Krasnaya Polyana, only two highways were initially launched, but it was reported that active work was underway to clear the roads of snow. Then information appeared on the resort’s Telegram channel that skiing would not be available after lunch.

At Rosa Khutor, having assessed the weather situation, on Monday they decided not to open the routes at all: “At the moment, continued snowfall and increased wind, accompanied by a thunderstorm, are forecast. These weather conditions pose serious risks. The snow is very light and unstable, which creates a potential danger for guests,” this is how resort representatives explained their decision. At Gazprom Polyana, several lines were launched at 9 a.m., but then a message appeared that they were “stopping work due to an active thunderstorm front.”

The disaster also made adjustments to the work of the Sochi airport. If in the morning everything went normally, in accordance with the schedule, then closer to lunch, due to a stormy wind, the air harbor began to serve flights depending on the actual weather. And now, according to the online scoreboard, flights to Kazan, Tyumen, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, St. Petersburg, Yerevan and Tbilisi are delayed. “Due to increased wind and to ensure flight safety, as of 11:45, the crews of 14 aircraft made decisions to move to alternate airfields,” the airport said, adding that difficult weather conditions are forecast for 2 days. Later, the Federal Air Transport Agency clarified that two more flights were diverted to alternate airfields.

Meanwhile, the storm warning in Sochi, as reported by the mayor of the city Alexey Kopaygorodsky, will be in effect at least until Tuesday, February 6. Train traffic was disrupted due to bad weather. As TourDom.ru wrote, late on Sunday evening a powerful mudflow hit the railway tracks near the village of Dagomys. As a result, communication between Tuapse and Sochi was interrupted. Eighteen long-distance passenger trains were delayed for up to 6 hours, 10 electric trains, mainly traveling between Tuapse and Sochi, were cancelled. “More than 3.3 thousand food packages have already been issued to passengers on long-distance trains. A comfortable temperature regime is maintained in the carriages,” commented Russian Railways. They continue to eliminate the consequences of the landslide on the road, and how long it will take is not specified – the sodden soil continues to settle on the highway.

Source: Tourdom



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