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Survey: almost a quarter of tourists waited for their luggage at the airport for more than 1.5 hours

India has been added to the list of countries where air carriers have specific time frames for issuing baggage to passengers. The editors of TourDom.ru looked into why tourists flying on Russian carriers sometimes have to wait for hours for their bags.

The Indian Bureau of Civil Aviation Safety, having monitored the baggage collection times of the largest national air carriers, issued a verdict 10 days ago – from February 27, the first suitcase must be placed on the baggage belt within 10 minutes after turning off the aircraft engine, and the last one no later than 30 minutes. In case of violation of the new regulations, companies will face serious penalties.

Passengers all over the world receive their luggage late, and Russia is no exception. As shown by a survey conducted in the telegram channel “Roof of the TourDom”, only 10% of the lucky respondents did not encounter problems when receiving bags. More than 20% of respondents indicated that they waited for bags for more than 1.5 hours, and approximately the same number voted for the “From 40 minutes to an hour” option.

In our country, all legal issues related to the delivery of baggage are regulated by Article 103 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation. However, there is not a single line about a specific period during which the airline is obliged to give the passenger his belongings at the airport of arrival.

It is no coincidence that in March 2021, a group of State Duma deputies prepared and submitted for consideration a bill according to which luggage should be issued to passengers within 60 minutes from the moment the liner lands.

The explanatory note stated that “during the tourist season, violation of the baggage claim procedure becomes a frequent occurrence for vacationers.” The deputies also drew the attention of their colleagues that sometimes, due to the fault of air carriers, the delivery of suitcases is delayed for an indefinite period of time, while people are not told anything about the reasons.

Almost 3 years have passed since then, but there has been no information that the bill has received any movement in parliament. The website “System for Supporting Legislative Activities” states that document No. 1130004-7 B is in the archives. Why he ended up under the cloth is anyone’s guess. But the fact remains a fact. Since there are no deadlines for baggage collection, airlines can independently interpret the fact of violation of these time frames.

At the same time, experts believe that even if the deadlines are clearly defined by law, this will not completely solve the problem of issuing things in airport buildings. After all, suitcases are delivered to the baggage belt not by the pilot and flight attendants of the landing plane, but by airport workers. Therefore, clear regulation of the interaction between the carrier and the aviation harbor is necessary at the level of the same Air Code.

Source: Tourdom



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