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Tajiks with Russian passports helped double tourism figures

The Committee for Tourism Development under the Government of Tajikistan reported on Monday, February 12, that the number of tourists from Russia visiting this Central Asian country in 2023 increased by 92.8% compared to 2022. The department counted 262.4 thousand tourists with Russian passports.

At the same time, the official representative of Dushanbe is confident that the number of Russian tourists will grow from year to year. “The tourist flow from Russia to Tajikistan this year will increase by 40%, to 360–370 thousand, and in 2025 – to 500 thousand people,” Kamoliddin Muminzod, chairman of the relevant committee under the government of the republic, said today.

Subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of TourDoma” who have visited Tajikistan note that this country is interesting from the point of view of an experienced tourist.

“I was in Dushanbe in November, a great city. True, only 3 days. This was not enough to visit all the sights of the city. I stayed in a hostel for 600 rubles. a day without breakfast. On the outskirts of the city, but there is a direct trolleybus to the center, which can take you anywhere. Dushanbe is great. I really recommend it,” shared impressions from the trip Dmitry K.

Nevertheless, the majority of subscribers to our telegram channel doubt the reality of the statistics reported in the Parliament of Tajikistan.

Also, the increase in tourist flow from Russia can be explained by the appearance of a large number of immigrants from Tajikistan who apply for and without much effort receive passports of citizens of the Russian Federation.

“As a person who works with flights to Tajikistan, I can confidently say that every year more and more citizens of this country are acquiring Russian passports,” – wrote in our telegram channel Iveta L.

And this assessment is confirmed by official statistics from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation: in the first half of 2023, about 87 thousand citizens of Tajikistan received Russian citizenship. This is 13 thousand more than in the same period last year. In general, over the past year, 2.12 million Tajiks entered our country, who mainly join the ranks of guest workers and are unlikely to be related to the category of tourists.

There is no doubt that the number of Tajiks entering our country, some of whom will acquire Russian passports, will grow. The Kremlin has declared Tajikistan one of its strategic partners, and, according to President Vladimir Putinthe country is ready to “provide Tajiks in Russia with decent working conditions and social protection.”

However, industry professionals note that trips to Tajikistan may also be in demand for purely tourism purposes. “We take you to the Fan Mountains. But this is a full-fledged mountain hike,” our subscriber under the nickname Alex wrote in the telegram channel “Roof of TurDom”. He noted that the program begins with a visit to the Uzbek Samarkand and costs the tourist $400 with a flight from Moscow.

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