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Taxi prices have increased in Moscow due to heavy snowfall

In the morning, heavy snowfall covered Moscow. According to forecasters, the capital will receive 20% of the monthly precipitation, and snow will fall throughout the day. The Federal Air Transport Agency reported that Moscow airports continue to operate as normal; there are no cancellations of flights or departures of aircraft to alternate airfields due to bad weather conditions.

However, getting around the city itself is becoming problematic as taxi prices have increased. Moreover, it is expensive to get not only to airports, but also within the city itself. For example, a trip from the center of Moscow to Sheremetyevo will cost 2,148 rubles.


A 15-minute journey from Paveletsky to Kursky station will cost 561 rubles. In general, within the city limits, depending on the distance, different prices were observed – from 1,700 to 2,000 rubles. (all at economy rate).


Telegram channel subscribers “Roof of the TourDom” noted that these are not yet the most serious increases. According to one reader, in December, at an economy rate in the snow, a trip around Moscow cost about 3,700 rubles. And one of the subscribers shared the price for a 21-minute journey from home to the emergency room – 1,422 rubles. on economy.

The Moscow Department of Transport recommended that residents use public transport for travel – the MCC, metro and MCD are operating normally, and buses, electric buses and trams are also running without delays. To travel to the airport, the Department of Transport advised using Aeroexpress trains.

Earlier, Tourdom.ru wrote that tourists were stuck in traffic jams in Sheremetyevo, but not at all because of the weather – the entrance to Terminal C was unexpectedly blocked.

Source: Tourdom



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