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Thailand changes its mind about lifting ban on daytime alcohol sales

The Committee for the Control of Alcoholic Beverages of the Ministry of Health of Thailand did not approve of the initiative of the kingdom’s entrepreneurs to lift the ban on the sale of alcohol during the daytime. This is reported by bangkokpost.com.

Officials felt the proposal was “not in the best interests of public health and safety.” Tourists will still not be able to buy alcoholic drinks between 14:00 and 17:00.

Thailand’s tourism industry, which lobbied for the lifting of the ban, is outraged by the intractability of the Ministry of Health, as hoteliers, bar and restaurant owners are losing part of their income due to the restrictions. Thanet Supornsahasrungsi, president of the Tourism Association of Chonburi Province, where the popular resort of Pattaya is located, called for allowing the sale of alcohol during the day, at least to foreign tourists. He noted that many vacationers like to order alcohol with their meals. In addition, the current restrictions still do not prevent guests of the kingdom from purchasing alcohol in reserve during permitted hours. However, it will apparently be difficult for the Thai authorities to implement Mr. Thanet’s proposal in practice, because if alcohol is sold only upon presentation of a foreign passport, this may cause discontent and accusations of discrimination from the kingdom’s citizens.

Representatives of the Thai tourism industry also noted that previously approved measures to stimulate tourism – extending the opening hours of night entertainment venues, as well as tax breaks on alcohol – have so far had less effect than expected.

Source: Tourdom



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