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Thailand lifts restrictions on alcohol during siesta

The Thai government is not averse to take off a ban on the sale of alcohol at three in the afternoon to boost tourism. The restriction introduced half a century ago has a negative impact on business, according to the tourism industry, the Bangkok Post reported yesterday.

The speed of decision making is impressive. Only in January did the entrepreneurs submit their proposal; they plan to approve it at the first consideration on February 15, as the Alcohol Control Committee believes. Then everything is simple: the country’s Ministry of Health will issue an order. Formalities in this case will be settled before the Songkran holiday in mid-April – the real New Year for the Thais.

At the same time, the authorities are reproached for a one-sided approach to the development of tourism – through drinking, bars and beaches. It has been suggested that Thailand has many new historical and cultural destinations to offer tourists, but these are often overlooked. And they add that foreigners who drink 24 hours a day simply won’t come.

Judging by the responses in chats, Russian tourists do not have any particular problems with the fact that during the day they cannot purchase the same beer in retail chain stores. Many bars in the tourist areas of Pattaya and Phuket do not stop serving alcohol at this time.

For violation, a fine of 10 thousand baht (about 25.5 thousand rubles) and six months imprisonment are provided. But this does not scare off bartenders: the whole point is in bribes to regulatory authorities, the local community is confident.

Previously, TourDom wrote about the arguments restaurateurs presented to the Thai government to lift outdated restrictions.

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