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The Air Serbia airliner pierced the fuselage and damaged the wing during takeoff

On Sunday evening, an emergency occurred at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade. The airliner of the Greek airline Marathon Airlines, which operates flights under a contract with Air Serbia, flying to Dusseldorf (JU 324), caught lighting equipment during takeoff. As a result, the aircraft’s fuselage was punctured and its wing was damaged.

As Serbian media reported, the Embraer 195LR spent about an hour in the air, made two circles, and then returned to the departure airport, where fire trucks and dozens of rescuers were waiting for it. Fortunately, the plane landed safely and none of the 132 passengers were injured. Eyewitnesses note that the embraer landed with the flaps retracted and at a speed that was 40 knots higher than the norm.

Due to the incident, Belgrade Airport limited operations for arrivals and departures, but not for long. Now it is operating normally, and air traffic between Moscow and Belgrade was not affected by the emergency.

Meanwhile, a special commission is trying to find out why the emergency happened. According to preliminary information, the crew made a mistake. “The reason, apparently, was the wrong take-off position, i.e. the plane took off from the ground almost from the middle of the runway, approximately from a position from which the end of the runway was about 1300 m (while the total length of the runway was 3500 m. – Red.),” noted the Serbian publication Tango Six.

Last week we wrote that Delta flight DL 133 from Amsterdam to Detroit was disrupted due to maggots appearing in the cabin: fly larvae rained down on passengers from the overhead bin. The plane urgently returned to Schiphol Airport.

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