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The airline delayed a flight from Moscow to Tel Aviv for a day

Red Wings airline canceled the flight from Moscow to Tel Aviv due to a technical reason. At the same time, it sent some of the passengers to their destination not on a direct flight, but with a transfer to Sochi. Other passengers will fly to Israel a day late.

According to the schedule, SSJ 100 (flight WZ 017) was supposed to take off from Domodedovo to Ben Gurion at 00:15 on May 28. However, due to a malfunction of the airliner, the aircraft had to be replaced.

The carrier sent some of the passengers to Israel on another superjet at 12:47, combining WZ 017 with flight WZ 9017. According to the online board, the route is planned with an intermediate stop in Sochi, despite the fact that the flights were initially direct.

The other part of the tourists remained in the Domodedovo airport terminal. According to passengers, during the wait they were given only a voucher with a nominal value of 400 rubles. to a specific cafe, where with this money you could only buy water. There were no airline employees at the airport. “No one came out to the passengers and said when we were leaving, the Red Wings hotline is not working,” eyewitnesses say.

The Domodedovo press service confirmed that the failure occurred due to a technical reason. The airport assured that the airline fully complied with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR). Passengers who did not fly on the route were provided with hotel and meals. They will be sent to Israel on the carrier’s next flight. Judging by the schedule, the next Red Wings flight to Tel Aviv – WZ 015 – is expected at 00:05 on May 29.

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