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The airport’s online board “delayed” the plane from Sochi to Istanbul for 7 hours

On the morning of February 18, information about the delay of IrAero Airlines flight IO 5761 to Istanbul appeared on the Sochi Airport online display in Yandex.Schedules. As follows from the data on the website, instead of the planned departure time – 14:30 – Sukhoi Superjet 100 will depart for Turkey 7 hours later, at 21:30.


The same data is indicated on the Sochi Airport website.


At the same time, if you click on the line with the flight, there is a link to Yandex.Schedule.

At the IrAero call center, the TourDom.ru correspondent was assured that the flight from Sochi to Turkey will take place as scheduled, at 14:30. They expressed bewilderment that the online scoreboard contained “erroneous information.”

Judging by the Istanbul airport schedule, flight IO 5761 should arrive as stated at 16:30, there is no warning about the delay.

We previously wrote that the flight from Sochi to Krasnoyarsk was delayed for 4 hours due to a false danger signal from a passenger.

Source: Tourdom



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