Asturias It is one of the areas of Spain with the greatest industrial legacy and has a marked mining past. There are several museums dedicated to this sector, such as the Tobacco Factory in Gijón or the Trubia Weapons Factory in Oviedo, but the municipality of Langreo It houses a fascinating museum where you can experience first-hand the life of the Asturian mine. He Samuño Valley Mining Ecomuseum proposes a train tour inside the mine and a visit to the industrial complex.

At the Samuño Valley Mining Ecomuseum (Ciañu, Langreo) Several places in the mining complex are visited, such as St. Louis well, an icon of the industrial heritage of Asturias; the House of machines, with its Castillete; a locomotive exhibition, and the town that the mining families built.

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mining train

Without a doubt, the most attractive part of the experience is going up to the mining train that runs through the valley of the Samuño River until entering an authentic mine. The train departs from El Cadavíu station, Decorated faithfully to what the former Samuño station was like and where mining material and equipment is displayed, as well as old photographs and panels that explain the route.

Castle and power house of the San Luis well, Samuño Valley Mining Ecomuseum in Asturias.
Castillete and Machine House of the San Luis well, Samuño Valley Mining Ecomuseum in Asturias.

The trip in train crosses the lush coal basin, that is, an area where hard coal (a type of coal) is extracted. Along the way, accompanied by an explanatory recording, you can see mining vestiges and you even pass by a well that still maintains some activity.

After a while it is time to fully immerse yourself in the mining experience by accessing the Emilia sinkhole. This mine exceeds 120 years old and in it you can see original machinery, layers of coal or water leaks, accompanied by the experience of the humid and metallic aroma of the mine.

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This route is the longest through a real mining gallery in Spain. Return to the station starting out it can be done by train or on a paved path of two kilometers that follows the railway network that linked the two main companies in this valley: Carbones de La Nueva and Carbones Asturianos.

How to visit the Samuño Valley Mining Ecomuseum

He visitor reception center is located in the El Cadavíu stationin the town of Ciañu, 6 kilometers from Langreo. From Oviedo it is 29 kilometers (about 26 minutes by car) along the AS-17 highway.

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He train ride costs 11 euros per adult, admission for children from 4 to 11 years costs €4 and the activity lasts approximately two hours. The visit to the San Luis well (includes several sites in the mining complex) has a price of 3 euros and lasts an hour. There are even night visits and in May a gastronomic experience is offered on the mining train.

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