In Spain we are used to the vast majority of spas being full of hot Springs with numerous beneficial properties for our body, and almost all the thermal hotels in the world have H2O as their main attraction, although the truth is that there are some establishments around the planet in which liquid that fills your pools It’s… unusual in that area.

Yeah in Japan There is a spa where you can bathe in concoctions as varied as coffee, wine or even sake, in Austria There are some swimming pools where you can bathe in beer. It is not a typical hotel, but rather a factory of this drink that offers this activity for visitors.

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A factory with seven pools full of beer

Beer pool at the Starkenburg brewery
Beer pool at the Starkenberg brewery

This place, so idyllic for many, is located in the Starkenberg brewery in Tarrenz (Austria). Located in full Tyrol region, This factory opened its doors more than two centuries ago and since then they have produced tons of drink, although in recent years its main attraction has gone from selling the bottles themselves to becoming an authentic thermal circuit.

In 2017 they inaugurated seven swimming pools of 300 liters each, but instead of filling them with water from the Tyrolean mountains, the owners filled them with the house product: beer (yes, diluted). This way, visitors can not only go to the already incredible factory to check out all the fabrication process, but they can also dive into large pools filled with their favorite concoction.

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Is bathing in beer beneficial for the body?

Although at first it may seem crazy, the truth is that beer has numerous very beneficial properties, especially for the skin: vitamins B3 and B6 They help strengthen nails and hair, while selenium softens it and silica makes it elastic. In addition, yeast helps brighten the skin.

The castle in which there are pools full of beer

Starkenberg Brewery
Starkenberg Brewery

The factory is already a wonder in itself, since it is a castle built early 14th century which has been destroyed several times. It was not until the year 1780 when starts producing beer in it, although on a much smaller scale than the current 40,000 tons per year. After many bankruptcies, the fortress passed into the hands of the current owners beginning of the 20th century, and it was in the second half of it that the Starkenberg brand began to expand.

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Being a medieval fort, the factory is in itself a place that you have to visit whether you are a beer lover or not, especially for the so-called ‘Knight’s Hall’, a spectacular medieval room with capacity for a hundred people where you can taste the concoctions that are manufactured right there. Therefore, those who are passionate about this drink have a true paradise at the Starkenburg factory.

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