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The average bill for a holiday in Turkish hotels has increased, but there are exceptions

The first stage of early booking of tours to Turkey ended at the end of January and showed that many tourists have already decided on their vacation plans, despite the rise in ruble prices. Several travel agency companies announced this to TourDom.ru.

OnlineTur.ru noted that at the very beginning of the year early bookings were very active, but from the second half of January prices increased, which affected the behavior of tourists – the process slowed down somewhat. “We are now seeing an increase in rubles of about 20%, and the average bill is in the range of 350–500 thousand rubles. for one booking for two tourists,” noted the company’s development director Igor Blinov.

Sletat.ru reported that the depth of sales of tours to Turkey reaches September 2024, and the average bill amounted to 277.3 thousand rubles. “Last year, early booking objectively failed due to an unbalanced pricing policy, when prices sharply increased in rubles by 20-40%. We can say that this was a shock effect for both the B2B and B2C segments, so both agents and tourists preferred to take a break and observe what prices would be during the season, and this tactic paid off. This year we are not seeing a sharp increase in prices, the standard rate is 10–15%,” explained Lyubov Voronina, head of international projects at Sletat.ru.

According to data shared by Level.Travel, Turkey has risen in price more significantly in the upcoming season. “In terms of the average check, we see an increase of approximately 30% for a 7-night tour for two from Moscow,” the company said, adding that the booking depth has increased this year.

However, the situation may vary greatly depending on the specific hotel. For example, at Utopia World Hotel 5*, the average check for two for 7 nights from Moscow for the current season is approximately 29% higher than last year (212 thousand rubles in June of this year versus 165 thousand rubles in 2023 ). And in the five-star hotels PGS Hotels Fortezza Beach Resort, A Good Life Utopia Family Resort, The Norm Collection Kemer, a vacation in June costs 27–50% more. At the same time, you can book a room at Cesars Resort Side 5* for June at 22% cheaper than in 2023 (120 thousand rubles versus 155 thousand).

A number of hotels have kept last year’s prices. Travel agents in the regions reported this to TourDom.ru: “We were selecting tours for July, clients looked at three hotels from those offered – the same prices as they were offered earlier.” Level.Travel gave an example of one of the hotels that left the same price list: “For Loxia Comfort Club Side 5*, the cost of the tour for June has not changed and is 145 thousand rubles. for two for a week from Moscow.”

As we wrote earlier, some Turkish partners have reduced prices for the Russian market this year by 10–15% compared to last summer, some even put the figure at 27%. However, we are talking about the value of contracts in euros. As of January 20, 2023, the European currency was worth 74.1 rubles, and today it is valued at 97.21 rubles, the euro exchange rate has increased by 32%. Accordingly, tours have become more expensive in rubles, since the discount from hotels does not reach this figure.

Source: Tourdom



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