The La Cabrera mountain range Madrid is surrounded by several towns with a livestock tradition and rural landscape, one of them being The Berrueco. This small town of almost a thousand inhabitants is located next to the Atazar reservoir and receives its name from its quarrying tradition given its proximity to this granite mountain range. Several hiking routes leave from El Berrueco. One of them is the Path to the Roman Bridge, which leads to one of the most important monuments of this town.

The modest Roman building dates back to 1st century BCcrosses the Jóbalo stream and until the 18th century it was an obligatory passage for carriages that went both towards Madrid and in the opposite direction, with those arriving from northern cities, such as Burgos, entering through Somosierra.

Views from Cancho de la Cabeza, Madrid

The spectacular route through the mountains in one of the most beautiful towns in Madrid

Roman Bridge Path Itinerary

The Berrocal path is a easy route, perfect for families. Has a total distance 5.2 km (2.6 km one way, until reaching the bridge), there is barely a difference in altitude of 77 meters and in less than two hours It is more than done. The route runs through Mediterranean vegetation, we will see granite formations and near the bridge there will be typical species of riverside trees, such as alders, willows and ash trees.

El Berrueco, Community of Madrid.
El Berrueco, Community of Madrid.

The route starts in the Plaza de la Picota de El Berrueco, where the Town Hall is located. From there we headed to Los Huertos Street, Peña Street and up Esperillas Street. We must cross the M-127 highway and take the Cervera crossing in the direction of Cemetery Road, that we will leave it on our left. The path from this point will be dirt, then concrete and later we will detour along a bridle path before reaching a water tank.

Hiking routes in Alcorcón.

Hiking routes through Alcorcón and Leganés: from the Parque de las Presillas to the Ermita de Polvoranca

We will border the Peña la Horcaa granite formation with Mediterranean forest vegetation and views of El Berrueco, the Honey Peak and Las Cabreras, we will leave it on the right until we come to a fork in which we will go to the left. After a while there will be a crossroads and we will take the one on the right, a dirt road, until we find a house that we must leave on the left. Further ahead we will find another fork, we will take the path on the left to go parallel to the M-131 road until we reach, now, to the Roman bridge.

How to get to El Berrueco

El Berrueco is located 75 km from Madrid, one hour by car on the A1 highway. About 200 meters from Plaza de la Picota, where the route begins, there is an open-air parking lot next to the El Berrueco residence and day center. There is also the possibility of arriving by public transport with the bus line 191 which starts from the Plaza de Castilla interchange.

Landscape in Santa María de la Alameda (Madrid).

Santa María de la Alameda, on the Madrid Sierra Norte route

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