When one thinks of the lands closest to the North Pole, Almost everyone usually thinks of the cold, the polar nights and the northern lights, especially this year when they are in all their splendor. But the truth is that Sweden, Finland and the rest of Scandinavia They have many more things to offer than just frozen places; In fact, the city of Bodø, Norway has been named one of the three European Capitals of Culture for this 2024.

Next to the Austrian city of Bad Isch and the city of Tartu, in Estonia, Bodø will be one of the cultural centers of the Old Continent throughout this year, and therefore in the capital of the Nordland region They have prepared an endless number of events and activities over the next twelve months that will make it one of the most important destinations to take into account in 2024. To this end, the main executive bodies of the city have decided to hold the ‘Biggest party in the world’.

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The first cultural capital in the Arctic Circle

Inauguration ceremony of Bodø as European Capital of Culture
Inauguration ceremony of Bodø as European Capital of Culture

Bodø is the first of the 70 cities that have held this title so far to be located within the Arctic Circle, So in the city they have divided the year according to the hours of light that occur in that remote part of the planet. In this way, they have marked five key points in the development of the activities: the party will begin with Here comes the sun, in honor of the song by The Beatles and which marks the end of the long night in Norway. For this reason, the first months of the year are related to prosperity and productivity in the country.

He ‘spring optimism’, Focused on future thinking and youth, it will aim to unite under the umbrella of European identity, celebrating a democratic society. After the flowering will come the ‘summer madness’, a time in which the Sun constantly shines over the coastal city and in which typical gastronomy, such as seafood and strawberries, take center stage throughout the day.

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The cold will slowly begin to return to Bodø with the ‘autumn storms’ and it will arrive with all its force in the ‘arctic lights’, in which the colors of the northern lights will illuminate the city’s night sky. A whole year of constant celebrations in one of the most special places in all of Europe which has become one of the main destinations to travel to throughout this year.

What to do in Bodø, European Capital of Culture 2024

Bodø Bay
Bodø Bay

During the next 12 months, the city will experience a constant party: multiple concerts from all styles of music, including one by saxophonist Håkon Skog Erlandsen in an underwater cave in the month of March, as well as cultural exhibitions related to the Sami, the largest indigenous people in Norway and all of Scandinavia.

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In addition, you can also continue tasting the exquisite gastronomy Norway and visit the most emblematic places of the capital of Norland, one of the most impressive regions in the entire country and which has numerous islands that you cannot miss, such as the well-known Lofoten, where you can see the northern lights in all their splendor and even spot whales.

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