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The border service answered why they checked the foreign passports of tourists in Samara for an hour and a half

The editors of TourDom.ru received a response from the Border Department of the FSB of the Russian Federation for the Saratov and Samara regions about the situation with tourists, who, as they say, were kept for an hour and a half at passport control due to the strange validity period of their foreign passports. Let us remind you that tourists discovered a few days before departure that their old-style international passports had errors in the machine-readable code, and promptly replaced the documents. The expiration date in them remained the same (as in old passports), while the date of issue was actual. The strange expiration date confused the border guards.

The border department responded that the actions of passport control officers in this situation were within the law. At the same time, border guards knew how to enter expiration dates on foreign passports replaced due to an error or typo.

“In accordance with paragraph 185 of the Administrative Regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the provision of public services for the registration and issuance of passports of citizens of the Russian Federation in an issued passport to replace a passport in which an error was made, the expiration date of the previously issued passport to be replaced is indicated as the expiration date,” – stated in the answer.

Thus, it remains unclear why, under these conditions, the tourists, as they claim, had to stay for an hour and a half to have their documents checked. Lawyer Igor Kositsyn noted that the human factor could have played a role in this situation.

TourDom previously wrote that the border service recommended contacting the Ministry of Internal Affairs in case of doubt about the validity of a foreign passport, and also told when a document may be invalidated. Some tourists manage to replace their passports promptly, while others, on the contrary, decide to experiment. The lawyer confirmed that travel agents are not obliged to check foreign passports of tourists in such cases – this is the personal responsibility of the document holders.

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