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The capital’s brand of thermal resorts decided to bathe tourists in Altai

The words of officials about the need to build all-season city thermal resorts for tourists were heard by one of the capital’s brands. Moreover, he is ready to build his new largest facility far beyond the Moscow Ring Road.

Three Termoland thermal complexes will be built in the coming years in Moscow, Kemerovo and Barnaul. The Osnova and Pervy groups of companies plan to invest 4.3 billion rubles in them. Projects are implemented within 3 years. After which the network under the above-mentioned brand will almost double – there are now three centers in Moscow and one in Zelenograd.

The largest of the new complexes is going to be built not in the capital, but in Barnaul. The area of ​​the complex with swimming pools, aquazone, thermal baths and saunas will be 13 thousand square meters. m, half of them are outdoor areas. At its peak, it will be able to receive up to 2.5 thousand guests per day. In Moscow, the thermal complex will be slightly smaller (10 thousand sq. m). A facility comparable to the capital will appear in Kemerovo (9 thousand sq. m).

The new facilities will be focused exclusively on receiving guests – without an attempt to combine a thermal complex with a shopping center. Representatives of investor companies assured the TourDom.ru journalist of this. They do not plan to give up part of the space for trade and other related areas. True, the metropolitan complex will still be located near the existing shopping center, but in the format of a separate building.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that Sobyanin promises to turn Moscow into a resort city, and the Ministry of Energy has extended a program of preferential lending to amusement parks and aquatic complexes.

Source: Tourdom



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