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The child was not released abroad due to the absence of a red stamp in the mother’s passport

The small child included in the mother’s passport was not allowed to go abroad. The reason is that the mother does not have a red stamp with a signature in her international passport, as in the birth certificate. A travel agent reported the incident to the editors of TourDom.ru.

The family – mother, father, child and grandmother – were supposed to fly from St. Petersburg to Antalya on Turkish Airlines flight TK 3977 on the night of June 1-2. The son, born in 2023, did not have his own passport, but was entered into his mother’s passport. At the same time, according to the travel agent, the birth certificate, as expected, contains a red stamp confirming Russian citizenship.

However, the border guard did not let the little tourist leave Russia. “The Border Service said: in your international passport, where the child is registered, there must also be a red stamp with a signature, like on a birth certificate,” says the travel agent. “One stamp is on the boy’s photograph, the other should be where his date of birth is indicated.”


In the notice given to parents (available to the editors) it is indicated that the child of tourists was denied entry across the border on the basis of Art. 6 No. 114-FZ “On the procedure for leaving the Russian Federation and entering the Russian Federation.” A specific reason for the restriction is not given.

As a result of the ban, the whole family – grandmother, father and mother – did not go on holiday to Turkey. The client demanded from the travel agency a full refund of the cost of the unused tour.

When discussing the situation, subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of TurDoma” quote Presidential Decree No. 889 “Issues of citizenship of the Russian Federation.” It states that Russian citizenship is confirmed by one of the listed documents. The list includes a birth certificate with a note on citizenship, as well as a parent’s international passport, which contains information about the child, with a signature and seal.

Thus, we can conclude that if tourists showed a certificate with a mark of citizenship to the Border Service, this should be enough to confirm it. Therefore, the incident caused bewilderment among retail representatives.

At the same time, travel agents noted that they advise their clients to issue a separate passport for a child, even a small one, this will help avoid many misunderstandings.

Source: Tourdom



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