In the northwest of France is the Brittany region, characterized by its old medieval fortresses and steep coasts. 40 minutes by car from its capital, Rennes, it is Fougeresa city whose old town, with cobbled streets and guarded by a 12th century castleturns it into a charming storybook city.


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Fougères, a heavily armored city

Fougères is protected by an imposing defensive complex built between the 11th and 15th centuries. It is one of the largest fortresses in Europe, with an area of ​​two hectares, according to its tourism page. thirteen towers They are erected along a wall on which you can walk to enjoy the gardens and the picturesque roofs of the old town.

Wall and part of the Castle of Fougères, France.
Wall and part of the castle of Fougères, France.

The strength is led by Fougères castle. Founded in the year 1020, it was located at a crossroads of trade routes and played an important role in the defense of the Duchy of Brittany. For five centuries it was the subject of power struggles, as well as improvements and expansions, although it has survived the centuries well and Its state of conservation is very good.. The entrance to visit it costs 10 euros.

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gothic churches

The jewel in the crown of Fougerès is its medieval fortress, but within the old town there are religious buildings that elevate its cobblestone historic center. One of them is the Saint Sulpice churchGothic style, with Louis XV carpentry, gargoyles and an impressive stained glass window.

Saint-Léonard Church in Fougères, France.
Saint-Léonard Church in Fougères, France.

Another essential church is Saint-Leonard, neo-Gothic style and a bell tower that can be visited in high season to appreciate an impressive 360º view. The temple is located next to a well-kept garden ideal for admiring it from all angles.

Chapel of Saint Michel d'Aiguilhe.

The town with a church on top of a volcanic chimney

Fougeres and shoes

From feudal France we moved to the industrial revolution with the Bonabry neighborhood. One of the main driving forces of Fougères in the 19th century was shoe manufacturing and this neighborhood was built around this activity and to house the workers. Two old factories, the one in Morel and Gaté and the Rehaultare witnesses of the city’s shoe industry.

How to get to Fougeres

Fougeres is 50 kilometers from Rennes and 44 km from the well-known Mont Saint-Michel, that is, less than an hour by car. Can arrive by train to Fougerès station from Rennes for 7.50 euros one way.

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