A rainbow of houses is staggered on the Basque coast under the name of Bermeo. This picturesque town in the province of Vizcaya well deserves a position as one of the most beautiful in Spain, since its fishing atmosphere, its secluded port and its architectural charms captivate everyone who visits it.

The town is located at the foot of Mount Sollube, with an interesting historical heritage and a coastline marked by steep cliffs and islands like Izaro. In short, it is an essential stop on a route along the Basque coast, and it is also very close to the famous islet of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe.


The beautiful fishing village in the Basque Country with medieval streets and historic buildings

What to see in Bermeo

The Busturialdea region It is home to the charming town of Bermeo, which is one of the main fishing ports in the area. This historic town has been documented since the 11th century and that is why its heritage is rich and varied.

Church of Saint Euphemia.
Church of Saint Euphemia.

Starting the visit to the town, we can admire the gothic church of Santa Eufemia, the oldest in the town. This important temple was built in the 13th century and its main characteristic is that it was sworn, that is, the lords of Vizcaya signed the charters here. Other relevant churches in the town are San Francisco and of Santa Maria.

As for civil constructions, the oldest building in Bermeo is the Ercilla Tower, a tower house built in the 15th century. Today it has become the Fisherman’s Museumwhich shows “the life and profession of the fisherman, as well as the art of fishing, the guilds and associations, the different types of fishing boats, fishing and market techniques throughout the ages”, details from Turismo de Bermeo.

Aerial view of Bermeo.
Aerial view of Bermeo.

From the old port to the viewpoints

Without a doubt the most picturesque point of Bermeo is its old Port, where dozens of boats float surrounded by colorful houses. In addition to those old fishermen’s houses, in this place we can find the oldest fountain in the province of Vizcayaknown as the Tres cantos fountain.

Bakio beach is one of the closest to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

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And between the old port and the church of Santa Eufemia is located the Gaztelu viewpoint, once used as a surveillance point. From here we can enjoy beautiful views of the town and its three ports, as well as sculptures by artists such as Nestor Basterretxea, Carlos Solano and Enrike Zubia.


How to get to Bermeo

He car ride from the city of Bilbao To Bermeo is 35 minutes via the BI-631 and the BI-631. From San Sebastián it is 1 hour and 30 minutes on the AP-8.

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