The Tenerife island It is one of the most popular destinations in Spain for tourism, and there are no shortage of reasons. This Canarian paradise offers attractions for all tastes, from enjoying unique natural landscapes to relaxing on beaches with clean waters and a calm atmosphere.

The visit to the island can be completed with a day of rural tourism, discovering the small towns that preserve their traditional essence and invite us to spend a day of total relaxation. A great option for this is the picturesque village of Fasniaa hidden corner on the southeast coast.

Shadow of Teide.

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This is the town of Fasnia

Bordering Güímar, Arico and La Orotava, we find the municipality of Fasnia, which, like its neighbors, presents an arid landscape, with some masses of pine trees in the highest areas and fields of grapevines, flowers, tomatoes and potatoes. Within this municipal area there is a path the Herques ravine where archaeological sites have been found, in fact “some writings from the 16th century stated that it was one of the regions in which the Guanches lived together with the Castilians after the conquest”, according to Tenerife Tourism.

Mountain Hermitage in Fasnia.
Mountain Hermitage in Fasnia.

In the interior part of the municipality is where the town of Fasnia itself is located. But if we want to know the architectural heritage of the place, we must move a little away from this nucleus. For example, at the top of the Fasnia mountain stands the mountain hermitage, which keeps an image of the Virgin of Los Dolores inside. On the other hand, the old hermitage of Our Lady of Carmen It is located in the La Zarza area and construction began in 1909. The ruins of the hermitage of San Joaquínwhich dates back to the 17th century and barely preserves a semicircular arch intact.

Los Roques beach

Already in the coastal area we find the cliff of La Hondura, declared a Site of Scientific Interest and “formed by the accumulation of lava flows and pyroclasts”, explains Tenerife Tourism. At 30 meters high and 2,500 meters long, it is full of small coves with crystal clear waters.

Los Roques (Fasnia, Tenerife).
Los Roques (Fasnia, Tenerife).

Another area of ​​interest on the coast is The Roqueswhere we will find a charming set of colorful houses next to a small black sand beach. All of this dominated by a huge rock formation on each side. This bathing area is barely 70 meters long and 15 meters wide, but it is the perfect place to spend a quiet day in the sun, surrounded by an enviable cliff landscape.

Anaga Rural Park

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How to get to Fasnia

He car ride from the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Fasnia is approximately 35 minutes via the TF-1. From there we will have to take the TF-620 to Los Roques beach.

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