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The Crimean hotelier is sounding the alarm: it is impossible to get a soft loan for hotel construction

The head of a hotel chain in Crimea told the TourDom.ru portal about unexpected difficulties in obtaining a preferential loan for the construction of a hotel on the peninsula.

The company planned to take advantage of the opportunities provided by resolution Government of the Russian Federation No. 2221 dated December 7, 2021. According to this document, banks are reimbursed from the federal budget for lost income on loans issued for the implementation of investment projects to participants in the free economic zone in Crimea and Sevastopol. Thus, the investor receives money for the construction of a hotel in debt at a reduced rate.

According to the entrepreneur, all the necessary documents were submitted to one of the banks and pre-approved at the end of last year. A credit committee was appointed for January, based on the results of which it was planned to issue a preferential loan for the construction of a hotel. However, on the eve of the scheduled date, the bank announced that there would be no money, since they had been cut 10 times the amount of funds intended to subsidize the interest rate in 2024. There are supposedly not enough funds even for those who have already signed loan agreements on preferential terms. The head of the hotel chain contacted two more Crimean banks, but received the same answer: the amounts for compensation from the federal budget had been reduced.

The TourDom.ru portal sent a request to the Ministry of Economic Development with a request to clarify the situation. No response has been received yet.

Let us remind you that for the period from January to the end of October last year, among all national projects, “Tourism and Hospitality Industry” was in last place in terms of cash execution. In particular, 46.1 billion rubles were allocated for the federal project “Development of Tourism Infrastructure” included in it, but only 27 billion rubles were spent. It can be assumed that the low level of execution in 2023 was the reason for the reduction of funds for 2024.

According to reports from some Crimean entrepreneurs, they are having difficulties obtaining soft loans at 3–5% per annum for the construction of hotels, as provided by the government resolution No. 141 of February 9, 2021. However, an expert close to the federal authorities assured: this information does not correspond to reality, the provisions of the resolution are applied as before. If refusals occur, most likely they are associated with incorrect execution of loan documents.

Earlier we wrote that the Ministry of Economic Development refused to subsidize charter tours in Russia this year.

Source: Tourdom



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