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The Elbrus resort received a logo that took 95 days to draw in Lebedev’s studio

The creative workshop of the famous Moscow designer Artemy Lebedev has developed and presented a new logo and corporate identity for the Elbrus ski resort in Kabardino-Balkaria. The Kavkaz.RF telegram channel reported this on Friday, March 29.

“Lebedev’s studio “designed” an identity for us that reveals the character of the harsh mountain and the legendary resort on its slopes, conveys the atmosphere of the place,” reports the TG channel, owned by Kavkaz.RF, the Institute for the Development of the North Caucasus, which was created by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development in 2021.

Logo customer revealed and some details of the process of creating new Elbrus symbols. It turned out that the designers worked on the project for almost 95 days, and they did it not only at their computers in the Moscow office. They visited Kabardino-Balkaria, where they interacted “with the local creative community and small business representatives” and were also “inspired by the resort’s heritage.”

Considering that not everyone can understand the intention that famous designers put into their work, Artemy Lebedev’s studio explained on its website what it wanted to show in the new symbolism of the resort.

“The sign, reminiscent of the letter E, combines recognizable peaks and an ice ax – an attribute of thrill-seekers. Thanks to the narrow font design, the logo strives upward, towards the clouds, and the constant thickness of the stroke emphasizes the harsh but incredibly attractive spirit of the resort, and the multi-level horizontal elements resemble slopes,” said the creators of the new Elbrus corporate style.

Telegram channel subscribers “Roof of the TourDom”, discussing the symbolism of the resort, where the highest mountain in Russia and Europe is located, the work of the designers was generally assessed positively. “Usually he wears some kind of hat, but here it’s really cool,” wrote one of the readers. But there were also skeptics who believed that with the current level of development of neural networks, creating any logo tied to a specific location would not be a problem.

The majority were interested in how much Kavkaz.RF paid for the work of designers from Lebedev’s studio, which for ten years has been considered one of the highest paid in Russia.

The TourDom.ru journalist found the answer to the question of our subscribers on the website of the state company “Kavkaz.RF”. It turned out that for the provision of services for developing the identity of the Elbrus resort, JSC Caucasus.RF, and the Caucasus Products sign, an amount of 14,993,000 rubles was allocated.

The majority of subscribers to the “Roofs of TourDom” chat treated the fee of the capital’s designers with understanding, since a memorable and catchy logo is one of the important tools for promotion in the tourism market. “This is an adequate price, taking into account the fact that it also includes advertising for the destination. This is a high price for an unknown agency. But here – no,” she wrote. Nastyawho noted that, impressed by the visual created by Tyoma’s studio, last year she specially flew to the Murmansk region to enjoy the northern lights.

By the way, the Elbrus resort, along with the logo, received a new slogan for this money – “You know where you are going.” Translated from design, this means that the highest peak of the Russian Federation is harsh in its own way and requires enormous awareness and careful preparation to conquer it. However, the layout of the slogan, placed on a black background, plunged many commentators on the Kavkaz.RF telegram channel into despondency. They felt that such pessimistic colors did not reflect the essence of the resort as a place that should give tourists exclusively positive emotions.

Now huge amounts of money and resources are being pumped into the development of the tourism potential of the North Caucasus. The goal has been set to increase the flow of tourists to the Elbrus ski resort alone by 2 times by 2025 – up to a million people. Whether professional rebranding will help achieve such ambitious goals will become known before the end of this year.

Source: Tourdom



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