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The first prices for summer Crimean trains made tourists want to fly to Sochi

The day before, “Grand Service Express” presented tourists with a convenient calendar, by which you can not miss the start of sales on the dates they need. Many people reacted positively to the idea. However, the joyful mood of the imminent moment of purchasing tickets for summer trains to Crimea quickly gave way to slight despair for some of them.

Vacationers were not at all pleased with the prices, which they immediately complained about on the carrier’s social networks: “At the end of May, a compartment with meals from St. Petersburg to Sevastopol costs 17 thousand! Do you think this is normal? And during the season there will be 27 thousand one way?!” It’s especially unpleasant for family tourists to add and multiply: “Our round-trip tickets cost 110 thousand. Are you serious?”

The biggest jump, according to tourists, is for SV tickets. Moreover, since May 24, prices have increased multiple times – now they comfortably offer to get from Moscow to Simferopol for 31 thousand. On earlier dates, the same place costs 17-18 thousand, despite the fact that there are only single tickets left. “We came back for 24 in August,” people remember last season.

Some of those who are not ready to travel with a reserved seat are looking at a combined option – by plane to Sochi, and then by train, in order to at least somehow reduce the total cost of transportation.

Among the large number of angry comments, there are also rare neutral ones: “My reserved seat has grown by only a thousand in a year. It’s a normal thing, but prices are still going up in the country.”

Judging by the online booking system, in which sales for May 25 opened today, you can go to Simferopol from Moscow for 5.5 thousand rubles in a reserved seat. Coupes are offered from 11.3. But SV for 31 thousand already known to us. Last year, seats on June flights on the same route could be taken from 4 thousand in a reserved seat and from 7.4 in a compartment, and in much less time before the trip.

The carrier offers a ride from St. Petersburg to Simferopol for 7 thousand in a reserved seat and 11.8 thousand in a compartment. An interesting situation with tickets from the Northern capital to Yevpatoria. In mid-May you can go there for 7 thousand, both in a reserved seat and in a compartment. The further fate of tickets for this route is unclear – infrastructure repairs are planned, and the further depth of sales will become clear only after the approval of the work schedule. Tickets are currently available until May 16 inclusive.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that the demand for holidays in Crimea is growing again, but only selectively.

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