A plan in the middle of nature when the temperatures are low and we just feel like a day of relaxation is possible in places as magical as Galicia. The autonomous community boasts of having a large number of outdoor hot springsmany of them free, which provide us with relaxation and therapeutic properties in equal parts.

The Bande hot springs, Muíño da Veiga hot springs and Teáns hot springs are just some examples that we can enjoy in these lands in the northwest of Spain. Other free hot springs are those of Barbanteswhich have become a popular leisure venue in the province of Ourense.

Man at the spa.

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These are the Barbantes hot springs

The Barbantes hot springs are located in the municipality of Cenlle (Ribeiro region), just 20 minutes by car from Ourense. This thermal and leisure area has a free-use area, which is made up of three natural thermal water pools surrounded by a large garden where we can lie down to rest, sunbathe and enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscape, and this open-air spa is located in a wooded area next to the Miño River.

In the place we will also find stone picnic areasbenches, thermal water showers, toilets, a parking area with about 60 seats, a snack bar and a tourist information stand. In short, the space is well equipped to have all the possible comforts.

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Warm waters with therapeutic properties

The three thermal pools are warm water and the temperature “oscillates between 21 and 28 degrees, depending on the time of year and the general atmospheric conditions that exist in the surroundings,” they explain from Turismo de Ourense.

Furthermore, the waters are hypothermal with weak mineralization, bicarbonate, alkaline, sodium, magnesium and chlorinated. Therefore, they are indicated for “treat arthritis, rheumatism and skin problems“, they point out.

Prexigueiro Hot Springs, Ourense

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How to get to the Barbantes hot springs

He car ride from the city of Ourense It takes 20 minutes to get to the Barbantes hot springs by taking the A-52 towards Vigo, and at exit N-241 turn off to connect with the N-120. Once in the town of Barbantes, the hot springs are 300 meters away after a signposted detour.

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