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The FSB Border Service explained in what cases a foreign passport can be declared invalid

For the first time, the Border Control Department of the FSB Border Service responded in writing to questions about foreign passports that concern travel agents. True, the border guards prepared an official comment for exactly a month – the request was sent to the NGO Tourism Federation on January 26.

The answer to one of the most important questions – whether passport holders need to check data in a machine-readable record (MRR) – judging by the letter from the Border Service, turned out to be positive. “If the FSB border agency at the checkpoint across the border of the Russian Federation detects a discrepancy between the basic information from the visual zone and the information contained in the machine-readable zone, or other violations of the MChZ generation algorithm, the passport may be declared invalid,” the commentary says.

Thus, the personal data on the title page of the document and in the MChZ must match. In order not to repeat the sad experience of a resident of Yekaterinburg, who was not allowed to travel abroad due to the absence of a gender designation in a machine-readable record, tourists are required to check these lines.

Whether it is necessary to pay attention to the font in the Ministry of Emergency Situations is not stated in the response of the Border Service, but there is information about some “other violations of the algorithm for forming a machine-readable zone”, in which the passport may be invalidated. The question of whether the use of a non-standard font will apply to these violations remains open.

At the same time, the border guards’ comment clarified other controversial issues. As follows from the text, writing in the “Place of Birth” column different versions of the renamed names of settlements and regions is not considered an error and, accordingly, does not invalidate the passport. A person born in the USSR may have their place of birth indicated as “Russian Federation”, and vice versa. The options Ekaterinburg – Sverdlovsk, St. Petersburg – Leningrad, etc. are also quite harmless.

The Border Service also clarified how long a foreign passport will be valid after the owner changes his last name or other personal data. A foreigner with old personal information can be used for 6 months from the date of changes to the main passport, after which it must be replaced.

Previously, travel agents were able to obtain oral comments from Border Guard officials regarding the validity of foreign passports with incorrect font in the machine-readable line.

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