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The head of Austrian Airlines was unable to fly to the Maldives on vacation due to a strike at the airline

The head of Austrian Airlines, Annette Mann, was left without a planned vacation in the Maldives. On Thursday, March 28, she was planning to go on vacation on her airline flight, but it was canceled due to a 36-hour strike called by the carrier’s union. This was reported by the Austrian publication oe24.at.

Due to the strike, about 400 flights have already been canceled; approximately 50 thousand airline passengers will have to rebook flights or return money for tickets.

The management of Austrian Airlines is negotiating with the trade union, which is demanding higher wages for employees. If no agreement is reached, the strike could drag on.

Flight attendants and pilots insist on increasing their payments by 40%. The airline’s management is ready to add only 18%, but employees believe that such an increase will only barely compensate for the increase in the cost of living due to inflation. Director of the Vienna Airport Board Günter Ofner called the position of the staff and the trade union irresponsible towards taxpayers and jeopardizing the entire economy of Austrian Airlines. According to him, the carrier has barely recovered from the crisis associated with flight restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The airline was saved from collapse by multi-million dollar aid from the state. To increase salaries by 40%, you need to simultaneously reduce staff, some people will have to be fired. In addition, compliance with the strikers’ demands will lead to an increase in ticket prices, which, in turn, will place a burden on passengers.

Austrian Airlines is a subsidiary of Lusthansa. The pilots are outraged by the fact that their colleagues’ salaries at the parent company are almost twice as high as theirs.

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