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The head of Rospotrebnadzor advised tourists to get vaccinated against measles

The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova advised tourists traveling abroad to get vaccinated. IN interview She told NTV journalist Kirill Pozdnyakov what infections travelers abroad and in Russia should be wary of, and also gave recommendations.

According to the head of the RPN, measles is now “raising its head”; last season, the entire European region was covered by a rise in the disease. “Unvaccinated people will definitely get sick after contact with a person with measles. There is a high risk of infection in children.”

She explained that doctors manage to cure people, however, the number of people who have contracted this infection is growing. “Previously, about 4 thousand people fell ill with measles every year. When the borders were closed in 2021, there was only one sick person in the whole country.” Now that people are traveling and migrating again, the numbers have increased.

In particular, diphtheria and even typhoid fever can be brought from abroad to Russia, the head of the department warned. “Typhoid fever is a common disease today even in Europe. You can easily catch it if you don’t wash your hands and drink water anywhere.”

When traveling to some countries where fevers, in particular malaria, are common, it is important to cover your skin and use repellents.

“When you are going to travel, mark yourself a separate block – what needs to be done so that I return from the trip healthy,” summed up Anna Popova.

According to her, tourists bring a variety of diseases to Russia; there are names “that are unpleasant even to hear.” In 2023, the spread of dangerous infections throughout Russia was avoided thanks to the systematic work of RPN employees: “It is important for us to do everything so that the imported case is the only one – only the one who brought it. In reality, this is what happens.”

Those who vacation in Russia should be wary of intestinal viruses. They appear since the May holidays, when people prepare food in the field: “They forget to wash their hands and food, they just enjoy the sun, without looking at the risks. But the summer virus is still waiting for us,” warned the head of the RPN.

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