Alicante, beyond the coast and beaches, is home to one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. The Castell de Guadalest, better known as Guadalestis a municipality surrounded by steep mountains and a green environment illuminated by the turquoise waters of the reservoir of the same name.

Despite the rugged terrain, the route Reservoir circular from Guadalest allows you to appreciate this beautiful landscape perfectly. The tour consists of 10 km and does not require difficulty, so it is ideal to do with the family or with dogs.

Vall de Laguar (Raranco del Infierno Route).

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Itinerary of the Guadalest Reservoir Circular Route

The route runs on asphalt and a wide track path with cobbled sections that takes place in an estimated time of three hours. The starting point is the Presa Embalse de Guadalest car park, where we can park our vehicle. If we choose to make the journey clockwise, we will leave the reservoir on our right and the dam behind.

Guadalest Reservoir, with turquoise waters and surrounded by mountains (Alicante).
Guadalest Reservoir, with turquoise waters and surrounded by mountains (Alicante).

The route is easy, it is a matter of follow the path next to the reservoir. Later we will move away from the reservoir a little and cross the creek of the Barranc de Salines. We will continue until we reach San Francisco Street and we will go down, leaving the town behind. We will continue on asphalt until we cross the Guadalest river bridge. We will travel along the asphalt road, turn left (we will not continue along the Castells road) and continue the long road of Solana Ponsada Game until we reach the Guadalest River dam, which we left behind at the beginning of the route.

How to get to El Castell de Guadalest

Guadalest is 40 minutes from Benidorm (25 km) and one hour from Alicante (60 km) along the AP-7 and CV-70 roads. It is possible to reach Guadalest from Benidorm by public transport with bus lines L15 and L12.

Guadalest Street.
Guadalest Street.

The town enjoys having the tourist seal Beautiful Towns of Spain, which recognizes localities with less than 15,000 inhabitants for their good conservation of their architectural and natural heritage and a clean and well-kept environment.

Castalla Castle.

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