To the east of the region of El Bierzo One of the most beautiful towns in Spain is located, a small Leonese town with traditional architecture and enormous landscape charm. Molinasecadeclared a Historical Site, invites us to take a trip to the Middle Ages, through its cobbled streets, its buildings full of history and its essence linked to the Camino de Santiago.

Molinaseca and the Compostela route

During the Middle Ages, Molinaseca belonged to the Ramiro Froilaz manor, nephew of the Cid Campeador. Later, it was divided between the Abbess of Carrizo, the abbot of the Monastery of Sandoval and the Bishop of Astorga. The economic development of the town came especially from the 12th century, when a large number of buildings were built. churches, hospitals and pilgrim hostels.


The history of the town was always related to the road to SantiagoIn fact, this “determined its peculiar linear urban structure,” explains Tourism of Castilla y León. Thus, the trace of this pilgrimage route becomes evident in the Real street, the main artery of the town. This is born in the medieval bridge over the Meruelo river and he dies in the Old Cross at the exit of the town, another monument associated with the Compostela road.

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What to see in the town

It is precisely on Calle Real where we find many of the points of interest in Molinaseca. In addition to many examples of popular Bertian architecture, on this street there are beautiful palaces and emblazoned houses. On the other hand, another essential building on a visit to the Leonese town is the sanctuary of Our Lady of Angustiaswhich dates back to the 17th century and is dedicated to the patron saint of Molinaseca.


It is also worth discovering the parish church of San Nicolás de Bari (18th century) and hermitage of San Roque, which today has become a pilgrim hostel. And of course, a getaway to Molinaseca would not be complete without savoring the delicious local gastronomy. Its restaurants and inns will offer us countless typical dishes such as the Bercian broth, the botillo and the empanada de batallón, without forgetting the almonds, bagels or the reineta apple pie for a sweet touch. All this always accompanied by good wine from the Bierzo Designation of Origin.

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How to get to Molinaseca

He car ride from the city of León To Molinaseca is 1 hour and 10 minutes via the AP-71 and the A-6. From Ponferrada it is only 15 minutes on the LE-142.

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