Spain is one of the countries with more castles from all over Europe, and many of them are authentic architectural wonders that leave anyone who approaches their walls speechless. Many of the fortresses that are erected throughout the territory not only stand out for the spectacular nature of their constructions, but some of them also have a peculiar story which makes them even more special.

Although there are hundreds of forts with an exciting past, few have been the scene of as many battles as the incredible Peracense castle, located south of the province of Teruel. Although the town that gives it its name only It has 75 inhabitants, This fortress is one of the most important in all of Aragon and one of the most spectacular that can be visited in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula.

Calahorra Castle.

The beautiful Renaissance castle-palace on top of a hill at the foot of the Sierra Nevada

A 13th century castle built into a rock

Peracense Castle.
Peracense Castle.

The location of the castle is already curious in itself, as it is built on a rodena rock formation in the Sierra Menera. If its situation already makes it imposing, its long and incredible history makes it one of the most important strengths throughout Aragon, and this fort has almost a millennium standing; During all this time, no one has been able to overcome the numerous crenellated walls of the fort.

Although there are vestiges of human presence in the area since the Bronze Age, The first stone of the castle was not laid until the beginning of the XII century, in the midst of Muslim domination of the Iberian Peninsula. As the Christian troops advanced in the Reconquista, This enclave became increasingly important, and its location is not at all coincidental.

Key role in the Reconquest of the Peracense Castle

Peracense Castle, X-XI centuries, in Teruel province, Aragon, Spain
Peracense castle walls.

Erected next to San Ginés hill, This fortress is located in a strategic point: very close to it were the borders of the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon, as well as several manors; Therefore, this castle became key in the strategy geopolitics of the 14th century, which caused it to expand significantly at that time.

Behind the marriage of the Catholic Monarchsthe 4,000 square meter fortress gradually lost its importance, remaining in the hands of the Daroca Community, which turned it into a prison for a time. The last time he had military use was during the First Carlist War (1833-1840), when it was converted into a barracks.

View of the port of Tarifa with the Guzmán el Bueno castle in the background (Cádiz).

The fortress of Muslim origin that stands in the southernmost city of the Iberian Peninsula

How to get to Peracense Castle

To get to this incredible place you have to take the A-23 highway and take the exit Villafranca del Campo. It is an ideal excursion for the residents of Teruel, since it is less than an hour away from the Aragonese city, while from Zaragoza it does not take even two hours.

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