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The idea of ​​using written-off debts for tourism did not pass the expert’s test

The President of Russia, in his message to the Federal Assembly, instructed to write off the regions’ debts on budget loans and direct the money to new investment infrastructure projects. The Ministry of Finance did not object, but only clarified that the tourism and recreational sector is best suited for these purposes.

“The tourism infrastructure, in our opinion, is quite suitable for this and will create new jobs and new taxes. And this is exactly what is needed for the development of the region… The same goes for new infrastructure budget loans. We also believe that the main thing is that they should be invested where the economy would develop and new resources would be created for the development of the region,” – said at a meeting with the president, the head of the department, Anton Siluanov, added that private business should join in the implementation of projects. Invest, for example, in roadside infrastructure, cafes, modular hotels, road services.

It would seem that the subjects of the federation have an excellent chance to get rid of the burden of debts and interest payments and, through write-offs, improve the quality of tourism infrastructure. Indeed, we can expect that the recreational sector will receive a serious financial boost.

However, with the initiative, everything is not as smooth as it might seem, the head of the Center for Strategic Development of the Union of Tourism and Hospitality, Roman Yeremyan, found out. He looked in “under the hood” of the authorities’ ideas and calculated that all regions (mostly subsidized) will be able to allocate 25 billion rubles for tourism. “This, of course, is not bad, but for comparison I would like to remind you that, for example, according to open RAS reporting, fixed assets are on the balance sheet of Manzherok LLC – that is, that Sber invested in this resort (obviously, most of it for infrastructure) – at the end of 2023 amounted to a little more than 90 billion rubles,” Yeremyan gave an example. And, let’s say, the construction of the Novaya Anapa resort in December last year appreciated at 500 billion rubles.

The expert also noted that the amount of taxes paid by hotels and sanatoriums (excluding contributions to social funds and revenues from resort fees) is almost 2 times greater – about 42 billion per year. Perhaps it would be better to use this money to develop tourism.

And finally, one more important point. In order to invest billions in tourism projects, the regions still need to earn them – in the form of taxes, and then “pull them out” from the revenue side of the budget.

However, 25 billion rubles. will not hurt, the main thing is that the regional authorities manage the unexpected wealth wisely.

At the end of May, we wrote that Vladimir Putin proposed to allocate at least half of the proceeds from increasing duties on wine from unfriendly countries to the national project “Tourism and Hospitality.” In total, it is planned to allocate 403 billion rubles for the implementation of the national project.

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