It is estimated that there are approximately 10,000 caves distributed throughout Spain, according to the Spanish Geological and Mining Institute. Some can be visited and entering them offers a unique experience; Furthermore, they have been part of the landscape since time immemorial. Few of these caves are as impressive as the Orchard Cave, one of the most incredible Principality of Asturias.

This cave of more than almost 20 kilometers in length (the last five were discovered in 2018) is located in the municipality of Fresnedo, and it is one of the largest in Asturias. Goes into the heart of gorge of the Foz de la Estrechura, very close to the huge Prehistory Park and you can get there through a beautiful bicycle route. Once you have stopped right at its entrance, it is time to enter one of the greatest wonders of northern Spain.

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Orchard Cave
Orchard Cave

In the imposing gorge that rises inside the Valdesampedro Valley These galleries are located, which can be accessed through an opening in the rock of the Páramo River sinkhole. The cave is divided into three levels: the lower two are active, although only the lowest remains flooded. The superior is the only one that can be travel throughout the year, while the intermediate one fills in winter with water that seeps through the cracks.

The Main Galleryl is the part of the cave that can be visited, and is accessed through two tickets: the most frequented, which is the largest, or by a chasm that is just below. Once in the depths of this spectacular grotto, you will not only be able to see the impressive geological structures that make it up, such as the stalactites or stalagmites present throughout the route, but also the immense biodiversity that survives in the darkness.

A speleological paradise full of bats

Orchard Cave
Orchard Cave

The Huerta Cave, declared Natural Monument For more than two decades, it has been one of the greatest exponents of biodiversity in Asturias, especially thanks to its bat population of cave, which usually hibernate in the crevice. In addition, it is also one of the largest centers speleological and geomorphological in the north of the Iberian Peninsula, which is why experts frequently enter it to discover more about this impressive enclave.

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How to get to Cueva Huerta: prices and tickets

To get from Oviedo to Cueva Huerta, you have to take the national highway N-634, to later take the exit 9 towards El Patronato and walk the AS-228. Regarding tickets, depending on the difficulty of the route you want to take, prices vary between 5 and 35 euros, while children pay less.

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