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The insurer denied information about a strange virus in Phuket

Tourists vacationing in Phuket (Thailand) spoke about a strange virus that appeared at the resort. According to the SHOT telegram channel, patients complain of weakness, high temperature (at 39 degrees) and a severe cough. Symptoms last for several weeks; expectorants and antiviral medications do not help. Some tourists note that the symptoms do not go away even after returning from vacation; for some, treatment took more than a month. There are also those who have become ill with entire families.

The Thai doctors whom the tourists approached made different diagnoses: some said it was the flu, others said it was a bacterial infection. In fact, everything is not so dramatic – insurers do not observe anything strange.

Director of the EUROINS Travel Insurance branch Yulia Alcheeva said that her colleagues had cases with similar symptoms and in most cases it was influenza A. In general, the situation itself, according to her, is not critical and is normal for seasonal diseases.

“Influenza A most often manifests itself, then pharyngitis and other ENT diseases,” noted Yulia Alcheeva.

Tourists need to follow the usual precautions for such cases: avoid contact with obviously sick people, strengthen their immunity, regularly wash their hands and get vaccinated.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote how the insurance company allocated 2.4 million rubles. for the treatment of a tourist who suffered from a jellyfish sting in the UAE.

Source: Tourdom



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