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The lawyer confirmed that travel agents are not required to check tourists’ passports

In some media appeared information that if a tourist was not allowed to go abroad due to an error or typo in the international passport, he will be able to recover compensation from the manufacturer of the document, as well as from the travel agency if it helped with its preparation. The lawyer contacted by the editors of TourDom.ru refuted this statement.

“If an error in a passport was made by the body that issued it, as a rule, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then this body is responsible for the resulting losses,” lawyer Igor Kositsyn is sure. Therefore, if a tourist was unable to travel abroad due to a technical error or a typo in the foreign document, he can file a claim against the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs where the document was drawn up in order to recover his losses.

In this situation, the travel agency cannot be responsible for typos in international passports, since it is not involved in issuing them. “These responsibilities are assigned to government agencies,” says Igor Kositsyn. – I don’t really understand what services a contract can be concluded for in this case. If a travel agency provides them, then most likely it is done unofficially, not under a contract.”

As for travel agents, by default they are not responsible for errors that may be in the international passports of their clients. The lawyer explained that travel agencies are not required to check these documents for authenticity or compliance with the requirements set out in Resolution No. 2090 dated 09.12.23 “On some issues of confiscation of a passport identifying a citizen of the Russian Federation outside the territory of the Russian Federation.”

After amendments to the Federal Law “On the procedure for leaving the Russian Federation and entering the Russian Federation” came into force in December, cases of seizure of documents from passengers flying abroad have become more frequent. In particular, one tourist’s passport was taken away because of a missing letter in the “place of birth” column (the name Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was written without the “ch”), and another because of a typo in the name (GeorgiI instead of GeorgiY).

At Koltsovo airport, a passenger was unable to fly abroad even because of a technical error in the machine-readable record (MRR): the gender of the owner was not indicated there. This incident gave travel agents and tourists a reason to discuss the font in the Ministry of Chronology: in some foreign books released in 2023 and this year, due to a technical failure, it is non-standard.

In some MFCs, Russians were advised, if in doubt about the correctness of their passport, to contact the place where they received it and, if necessary, replace the document. The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that they had not recorded a sharp increase in the number of requests for replacement of foreigners.

Source: Tourdom



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