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The lawyer explained the rights of an overweight deputy who was removed from the Pobeda flight

The story of an overweight deputy who was removed from the Pobeda flight from Barnaul to Moscow because he refused to move from his paid seat at the emergency exit and swore at the flight attendants was actively discussed in the chat of the telegram channel “Roof of TurDoma” . In particular, subscribers argued why such a passenger could not sit near the emergency exit.

The editor-in-chief of the aviation portal Frequentlyflyers.ru Ilya Shatilin explained in his Telegram channel that Pobeda’s rules stipulate that if a passenger needs a seat belt extension to buckle up, then he cannot sit at the emergency exit. And this has nothing to do with discrimination – such rules work in most airlines in the world, and they are based on the recommendations of the American aviation authorities. This is done for the sake of safety, since an overweight person may not be able to get through the emergency hatch, as well as, for example, someone who is too tall – because of this, other passengers will not be able to evacuate.

“We remind passengers with metabolic disorders: XXL, Space+, etc. seats only mean increased seat pitch and legroom. On the contrary, they may be even smaller in width than usual. So the best solution is to pay extra for an extra seat next to you (EXST). Yes, it’s expensive (maybe comparable to the price of a ticket), but you’re comfortable, and your neighbors won’t want to kill you,” wrote Ilya Shatilin.

IN transportation rules Pobeda also lists other categories of passengers who are not allowed into seats near emergency hatches: children (including unaccompanied ones); pregnant women; clients with animals; clients who do not speak Russian or English; customers who need assistance when flying, boarding or disembarking; as well as clients who are denied entry into the country (or deported clients).

Lawyer and expert in the field of tourism Margarita Eremeeva drew special attention to this: since such provisions are spelled out in the airline’s rules, the passenger, when buying a ticket, automatically agrees with them (and is expected to be familiar with them).

“The passenger can go to court for compensation for moral damage and a request for a refund for the ticket, since he was removed from the flight. But in this case the airline will refer to its rules, which are not illegal. Then the passenger will have to challenge these rules, prove why they are incorrect, do not correspond to something or infringe. To be honest, the prospect is vague,” explained Margarita Eremeeva.

This is not the first story that happened to the passengers of the Pobeda in Barnaul. Last year, by information According to local media, six people were removed from one of the flights at once, and one of them was injured due to the fact that his hand luggage did not fit into the calibrator. As a result, the Altai Regional Court ordered the airline to pay a fine and compensation in the amount of 420 thousand rubles.

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